AWE 2014 Schedule Grid

Hackathon – May 26-27 (Monday-Tuesday)
9:00 am-      5:30 pm AWE Hackathon – Wearable Apps
2 Day Hackathon
produced by Augmate is free and open for all teams: build apps for Wearable devices such as Google (Glass), Arqetype, Vuzix, Epson, Wikitude, Metaio, Catchoom, Meta, Softkinetic, ARPA Solutions, Leap Motion, Digital Ocean, and more and win prizes!
Tutorial Day – May 27 (Tuesday)
Timeline Room 209-210 Room 203-204 Room 206
10:00 am-  12:30 pm Leading AR/Wearable SDKs Overview
By Patrick O’Shaughnessey with David Beard (Vuforia), Ryan Burgoyne (metaio)
Lunch Break
1:30 pm-   5:30 pm The Glass Class Open and Interoperable AR Workshop More AR SDK Deep-dives
By Mark Billinghurst (HIT Lab NZ), Rob Lindeman (HIVE Lab), and Det Ansinn (BrickSimple) Chaired by Christine Perey with Dirk Groten (CTO, Layar), Blair MacIntyre (Professor, GA Tech), Martin Lechner (CTO, Wikitude), Neil Trevett (Khronos Group), Mary Lynne Nielsen (IEEE SA), Fridolin Wild (Open University), Rob Manson (Augmented Web) Amit Moran (Intel RealSense), Martin Lechner (Wikitude), Softkinetic SDK Deepdive, Estefania Barrios and Raul Peralta (ARPA Solutions SDK)
6:00 pm-   9:00 pm VIP Party sponsored by Meta
Expo Day One – May 28 (Wednesday)
8:00 am-    9:00am Augmented Breakfast – meet at Ballroom G+H for birds of a feather discussions, VC meetings, Legal Advice, job fair, and more
Timeline Business Track – Room 203/204 Main Theater Tech, Design Track – Room 209/210
9:00 am-    9:45 am Opening Remarks: Ori Inbar, Tish Shute – State of the Augmented World
Keynote: Robert Scoble – The Age of Context
Networking Break
10:00 am-    11:00 am AR for Retail and Sales Interactive World Visions AR SDKs For Wearables
Bruno Uzzan (CEO, Total Immersion) Nir Eyal (Nir And Far) – Hooked

Martin Lechner (Wikitude)
Jean-Francois Chianetta (Augment) Ron Azuma (Intel) – Inspiring new forms of media

Ryan Burgoyne (Metaio)
Kate Doerksen (DITTO) – Tryon Glasses Helen Papagiannis (Augmented Stories) – AR is all about you!d Dirk Groten (Layar)
Yoni Nevo (CEO, Cimagine) Meron Gribetz (Meta) – The New Interface Machine Scott Greenwald (MIT Media Lab) – WearScript: a simple script for context aware wearables
Estefania Barrios  (ARPA Solutions)
Networking Break and Exhibition (Hall A)
11:30 am-    12:30 pm AR for Marketing and Brands The New New User Interface Content Creation for the Interactive World
Vitaliy Goncharuk (AugmentedPixels) Mark Billinghurst (HIT Lab NZ) – Hands and Speech in Space Menno Ouweneel (Connectar)
Andrew Couch (Candy Lab) Rony Greenberg (EyeSight) Richard Ferraro (Catchoom)
Markus Meixner (Viewar) – mcommerce conversion Alex McCallum (Thalmic Lab – Myo) Rob Manson (BuildAR) – the AWEsome web
Jim Dailey (Digital Delta Design) – AdvertisAR Stanley Yang (Neurosky) Gheric Speiginer (GA Tech) – Spatially Adaptive AR content
12:30 pm-    1:30 pm Lunch Break and Exhibition (Hall A, G, H)
1:30 pm-    2:30 pm Automotive and Navigation High Tech Meets High Fashion: Wearable Panel Context is Everything
Dima Kislovskiy (Augary) Robin Raskin (Living in Digital Times) Brian Selzer (DAQRI) – Contextual AR
Roman Hasenbeck (Metaio) – Automotive is Driving AR Syuzi Pakhchyan (FashioningTech) Wedge Martin (Arqetype)
Juergen Lumera (Bosch) – AR: The Future of Technical Documentation Oriel Bergig (Flyby Media) – Crowed Sourcing Context
Franco Lodato (VSN Mobile) – Wearable Bionic design Roman Stanek (GoodData) – Revenge of the Know-It-Alls: Rise of the ‘All Data’ Enterprise
Marcus Weller (Skully Helmets) – AR Motorcycle Helmets Intel Make It Wearable Challenge  
Networking Break and Exhibition (Hall A)
3:00 pm-    4:00 pm Augmented Industries The Internet of Interactive Things Interaction with Physical Art and Museums
Barry Po (Ngrain)- Field Performance Ian Morris (NXP) – Interacting with the connected home BC Biermann, Ean Mering – City Visions: Augmenting Urban Spaces
Jonathan Hoffberg (Vizor)- Industrial See-Through HMD Solutions Jeff Bier (Embedded Vision) – Machines That See Patrick Lichty – Crossing Worlds
John Simmins (EPRI) – AR for Utility Management Joe Burton (Plantronics) – Communications 2025 and Beyond Nicolas Henchoz (EPFL-ECAL) – The Long Path to A New Media
Oliver Diaz (FuelFX) – AR in Oil & Gas Simon Morris (CogniVu) – Interactive Things with Vision Giovanni Landi (Darts Engineering) – AR for Cultural Heritage
Piyush Modi (GE) – Wearable use cases for the Industrial Internet
Networking Break
4:15 pm-    5:15 pm Augmenting Human Performance, Collaboration Big Visions for the Interactive World Future Technologies for the Interactive World
Christopher Stapleton (Simiosys) and Matt Johnston (Design Interactive) – Human Performance Gila Kamhi, Amit Moran (Intel) – Augmenting the World with Intel RealSense Neil Trevett (Nvidia) – Leveraging Silicon Acceleration for AR
Matthew Ramirez (Mimas) – A study in Scarlet Brian Mullins (DAQRI) – Bring Ideas to Life Trak Lord (Metaio) – 3D Cameras and AR
Seth Hunter (MIT, Intel)  – Shared spaces Jay Wright (Qualcomm) – Real Opportunities for Interactive Products Douglas Lanman (Nvidia) – Light Field Displays
Jason Jerald (NextGen Inter.) – Interacting with Virtual Humans Thomas Alt (CEO, Metaio) Manuel Novelo (CEO, AlterSpace)

5:15 pm-    7:00 pm Wearable Fashion Show, and Art Gala – Works by Artists, and Buffet with Drinks (Halls A,G,H) Press Conference (ends by 6:15pm)
Artists: The Heavy Project, Patrick Lichty, Dena Nord, Mark Skwarek, Valentin Burov (OrigaMIDI), Tushar Chugh and co. – Ripple (Microsoft),
Brian Yetzer (Teslar), Special Collection by Nicolas Henchoz ( EPFL+ECAL) – special AR Art collection: “Gimme More”, Bruno de Sa Moreira (Normandy)
7:00 pm-    8:30 pm The Auggie Awards Ceremony: Judges Award Trophies to Winners in 10 Categories.
The Ceremony will feature GlassProv: A groundbreaking Glass-Enabled Improv Theater with the Big Bang Improv Troupe Produced by Scott Greenwald and Will Luera
After Party by the Hyatt Pool with drinks
Expo Day Two – May 29 (Thursday)
8:00 am-    9:00am Augmented Breakfast – meet at Ballroom G+H for birds of a feather discussions, VC meetings, Legal Advice, job fair, and more
Timeline Business Track – Room 203/204 Main Theater Tech, Design Track – Room 209/210
9:00 am-    9:45 am Keynote: Hiroshi Ishii (Head of Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab) – Vision-Driven: Beyond Tangible Bits, Towards Radical Atoms
Keynote: Tim Chang (Mayfield Fund) – building the Tech-enabled Soul
Networking Break
10:00 am-     11:00 am AR For Urban and Architecture Top Smart Glasses Face-off Panel Designing Hardware for the Interactive World
Justin Porter & Philip Lorenzo (BNBuilders) Panel moderated by David Wood with: Jan Rabaey (U.C. Berkeley) – From Swarms to the Human Intranet
James Benham (JB Knowledge Tech) – Construction Tech Forecast Paul Travers (Vuzix) Amber Case (Esri) – Designing Calm Technology
John Shulters (Ascension Studios) – Visualization of Spaces Steve Willey (Innovega) David Holz (CTO, Leap Motion)
Tilanka Chandrasekera (Oklahoma State University) – AR In Design Education Eric Mizufuka (Epson) Eric Krzeslo (Softkinetic)
 Valerie Cottereau (Artefacto) – The Smart Uses of AR in our Cities Kayvan Mirza (Optinvent)
Soulaiman Itani (Atheer Labs)
Networking Break and Exhibition (Hall A)
11:30 am-    12:30 pm AR for Entertainment Defining the Augmented World Experience Best Practices for Producing AR Applications
Scott Jochim (Popar) Steven Feiner (Columbia University) – Making AR Real David Marimon (Catchoom) – Strategic Planning for AR Implementations
Dhan Balachand (Sulon) Sean White (Greylock)- The Role of Wearables in Augmenting Worlds Dave Lorenzini (Glassware Foundry), David Francis (BlueStar) – Best Practices
Ambarish Mitra (Blippar) – Game platform for Glass Yehuda Duenyas (Mindride)- The next generation of interactive entertainment Matt Kammerait (DAQRI) – Unencumbered: Reducing Friction in AR, Now and in the Future

Kevin Williams (KWP) – Out of Home Entertainment Gaia Dempsey (DAQRI) – Adaptive Content Design for AR
Lunch Break and Exhibition (Hall A)
1:30 pm-    2:30 pm AR for Government and First Responders Startup Launch Pad – Award Competition Panel with The 3 ‘P’s of the Future Augmented World: Predictions, Privacy, and Pervasiveness
Jim Donnelly (Six-15)  5 startups compete for the Auggie Award for Best Startup Joseph Rampolla (Moderator)
Christian Doolin and Alan Holden (Deloitte) – Augmented Government Dima Kislovskiy (CEO, Augary) Robert Hernandez (USC)
David A. Smith (CIO, Lockheed Martin) – Extreme AR: What the Future Really Looks Like Anush Elangovan (CEO, Nod Labs) Brian Wassom (Honigman)
Jeff Jacobsen (Kopin) George Bolanos (CEO, InsideMaps) Pete Wassell (Augmate)
Ryan Rogowski (CEO, Waygo) Cecilia Abadie (LynxFit)
Jean-Michel Fournier (CEO, BitGym)
Networking Break and Exhibition – close at 3pm (Hall A)
3:00 pm-    4:00 pm AR for Health and Sports AR for Complex Manufacturing Sensing and Mapping the World in 3D
Christine Anderson (Sportsvision) Session chaired by Christine Perey Philippe Bergeron (PaintScaping)
Cecilia Abadie (LynxFit) Jonathan Martin (NNS) Jeff Powers (Occipital)
 Aaron Parecki (Esri) Fridolin Wild (Open University, Project TELLME) Matt Bell (Matterport)
Julian Beltran (Droiders) – MedicAR: Google Glass for the Operation Room. Paul Davies (Boeing) Clemens Kirner (Insider Navigation) – Precise indoor Navigation
Miroslav Janak (University of Košice)
Andy Lowery (Raytheon)
Networking Break
4:15 pm-    5:00 pm Closing Panel: Future Opportunities in the Augmented World
Panel moderated by Angela McIntyre (Gartner) with Thomas Alt (CEO, Metaio), Brian Mullins (CEO, DAQRI) and Tuong Nguyen (Gartner)
Grand Finale: Yung Jake “Augmented Real” live performance – Official Selection Sundance Festival
Networking Break and Sponsored Reception
6:00 pm-    8:00 pm Film Screening – The Institute
An Alternate Reality Film plus Fireside Chat with the Film Director Spencer McCall