The Auggie: Created by Sigal Arad Inbar, 3D model by Brian Yetzer

Auggie Awards™ Finalists Announced!

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The 5th Auggie Award™ Competition is where the best of the best in the Augmented World compete for the one-of-a-kind Auggie Trophy and sponsored prizes.

Public voting concluded on May 23rd and determined the finalists in each category. Now, a judging panel is working hard to identify the winners and will award the prizes during the Auggie Award Ceremony on May 28th.

112 nominations were submitted and over 10,000 people voted for their favorites!

1) Best Film – Finalists

When I created the Pandora’s Box, I based myself on the inner certainty that tomorrow our brain, helped by nanotechnology would be the graphic card which would generate images of the interfaces that surround us. It already perfectly fulfills this function in our dreams when we sleep! So, whether by this way or another, the screen is doomed to disappear! Yet, it is important to have unifying items that can be identified and that can be manipulated. And it is not because, today we do not have this mental projection capacity that we can not materialize its use. For now the Pandora’s Box works with cleverly hidden video projectors for the video mapping, the Kinects to calibrate the projections as well as to trigger the users scenarios, NFC to make inert objects communicate with various devices, and so on.
For the user it is almost transparent, he could almost have the feeling that he has super powers. But tomorrow, when everything is in place, by synchronizing all visible and invisible sensors, everyone will be able to benefit from these augmented capacities, as if they were innate abilities and I call this ecosystem: The Egosystem
Pantomime Corporation presents a vision of Augmented Reality in the not-too-distant future.
In a world of ubiquitous computer screens, immersive reality isn’t about strapping one of them to your face. It’s about all our devices harmoniously sharing one rich animated reality — whether they’re in our pockets, on our desks, in a friend’s or a stranger’s faraway den, or in your hand.
And it’s coming sooner than you might think.
The Institute “To those dark horses with the spirit to look up and see. . . a recondite family awaits. ” Welcome to the Jejune Institute, a mind-bending San Francisco phenomenon where 10,000 people became “inducted” without ever quite realizing what they’d signed up for. Was it a cult? Was it an elaborate game? Told from the participants perspectives, this film looks over the precipice at an emergent new art form where real world and fictional narratives collide, creating unforeseen and often unsettling consequences. Fusing elements of counter-culture, new religious movements and street art, this film invites viewers into a secret underground world teeming just beneath the surface of everyday life.
Unbelievable Bus Shelter for Pepsi Max.
Pepsi Max surprise commuters with an ‘unbelievable’ augmented reality experience at a bus shelter on New Oxford Street in London.

Watch their reactions as unbelievable scenarios unfold before their very eyes; from a giant robot crashing through the street to a passer by being abducted by flying saucers.

To witness more unbelievable feats, subscribe to the Pepsi Max channel www.youtube.com/pepsimax

Follow us on Twitter @PepsiMaxUK


Pepsi Max. Maximum taste. No sugar.

Story about love and love to motion picture,
Shot by new mobile device Google Glass.

2) Best Tools For Developers – Finalists

ARPA SDK: Creator: Arpa-Solutions (www.arpa-solutions.net)
ARPA SDK is an Augmented Reality Software for creating amazing interactive experiences for augmented world geo apps, advertising, marketing campaigns, museums, games and much more. ARPA SDK provides a simple and intuitive API for developing AR applications:
ARPA SDK Image Detection & Tracking Module
ARPA SDK GPS & Sensors Module
ARPA Plugin for Unity
ARPA GLASS SDK Image Recognition
ARPA SDK Image Detection & Tracking Module: Using ARPA SDK, your application will be able to render real time video captured by the device camera and, simultaneously, display multimedia content over the detected markers.
ARPA SDK Image Detection & Tracking Module: http://www.arpa-solutions.net/en/ARPA_SDK
ARPA SDK GPS & Sensors Module: Using ARPA GPS SDK module you can create AR applications based on geolocation, so that your application will be able to find points of interest (POIs) near to the user’s location and show augmented information about how to get to them through three operating modes: AR, List and Map mode…more
CraftAR is the flagship product of Catchoom (www.catchoom.com) that let’s anyone build an Augmented Reality experience in minutes. This highly scalable platform provides brands and publishers with a high-volume of objects to augment, enabling them to quickly and easily transform AR applications into compelling consumer marketing solutions.
CraftAR offers streamlined tools to instantly scan thousands of objects and choose between delivering AR or Image Recognition (IR) experiences. AR experiences merge with reality on mobile displays while IR experiences allow redirecting to product information or digital content in full-screen.

What makes CraftAR different?
It’s Easy: Anyone can build an AR experience through CraftAR; content can be created without development skills and no third party tool is needed. The Drag & Drop tool is simple to use and allows the user to link digital assets to real world objects, creating AR content from any Internet browser (no software download needed).
It’s Fast: CraftAR uses the most reliable image recognition solution in the market (http://bit.ly/S1oUzU) with benchmarked accuracy and speed as the top provider over three years…more

Qualcomm Vuforia is a mobile vision platform that enables apps to see and connect the physical world with digital experiences that demand attention, drive engagement, and deliver value. Vuforia leverages Qualcomm’s mobile technology leadership and provides best-in-class augmented reality experiences by delivering interactive 3D graphics, touch, video, and audio features to bring movie magic and computer graphics to mobile apps. The Qualcomm Vuforia SDK is available for download here.

Vuforia delivers best-in-class computer vision capabilities and a broad range of options for creative empowerment, including simultaneous tracking of multiple targets, video playback, virtual buttons, background effects and occlusion management (X-ray vision). It delivers robustness to ensure that app experiences work the first time and every time. Vuforia 2.8, released in Fall 2013, added extended tracking, Java APIs and cloud-based content hosting. The new Smart Terrain feature (available in Spring 2014) uses advanced 3D geometric mapping techniques to see and reconstruct environments in real-time, giving apps the intelligence to interact with various objects and surfaces. Vuforia is supported by a global ecosystem of 95,000+ developers and has powered 8,500+ commercial apps globally.

Metaio SDK is available for free download at http://metaio.com/products/sdk
The Metaio SDK supports:
– native iOS & Android apps
– cross-platform HTML5 apps
– Unity, or nearly any 3rd party rendering engine
– Google Glass, Vuzix headwear, Epson Moverio BT-200

– internal rendering engine based on OpenGL
– 2-D Marker & Markerless (images, surfaces, photos, planar objects etc) tracking
– 3-D point cloud recognition and tracking
– 3-D Dynamic environment tracking (SLAM)
– 3-D Edge-based tracking, the only available tracking that utilizes CAD data
– Continuous Visual Search for up to 100,000 images
– Cloud optimization and deployment

The Metaio SDK has been used professionally for over a decade by companies like IKEA, Audi, LEGO, Mitsubishi Electric and more to bring content to life and value to customers and workers. It’s the only SDK that offers industrial precision for tracking and has more versatility than any other platform.

The Layar Creator by Layar.
The Layar Creator is the perfect do-it-yourself tool to build and manage amazing, engaging Interactive Print experiences all on the Web and with just a few clicks.
Stand out from the crowd and strengthen the power of print with interactivity.

3) Best Hardware (Eyewear, Wearable, Sensor) – Finalists

Smart glasses optimized for augmented reality have opened the door for new cutting-edge applications in the enterprise that are enhancing the productivity and safety of deskles workers. By blending the real and digital worlds, augmented reality smart glasses allow workers to view critical information from a 3D transparent overlay directly in their field of view to assist them with the task at hand. Leveraging Epson’s patented core technologies, the Moverio BT-200 offers an unparalleled binocular smart glasses experience optimized for augmented reality applications. Micro projectors located on each side of the eyeglasses project transparent overlays of digital content directly in the user’s field of view over the real-world environment. In addition, the Moverio BT-200 glasses contain sensors such as a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetic compass for head-motion tracking and hands-free navigation. A front-facing camera for video and image capture also detects real-world markers for augmented reality (AR) applications. AR smart glasses can improve worker efficiency in vertical markets such as healthcare, logistics, field service, energy, manufacturing, education, retail and more. Developers such as APX Labs and Metaio are already working with Epson and enterprises to incorporate the Moverio BT-200 smart glasses see-through augmented reality technology to allow for use-cases such as retail and wholesale supply chain tracking, surgical training for doctors in the operating room, and remote field service support for complex repair assistance.
The Vuzix M100 is a complete Android based, wearable computing, display and communications system. It runs applications locally or in the cloud with WiFi and Bluetooth capability. 1080p camera, voice, gesture recognition as well as remote control capabilities. Video shows how the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses will be used for field service applications developed by SAP and other software vendors.
Vuzix Corp.
The Structure Sensor is the first 3D sensor for mobile devices. It is made by Occipital, creators of 360 Panorama and Red Laser. More information about the Structure Sensor can be found at http://structure.io
What if you could see the flow of electricity? LightUp is a learning platform that helps kids understand the increasingly technological world around them. It combines an educational toy (modular electronic blocks) with an augmented reality mobile app that teaches kids about electronics and coding. The LightUp app uses AR to visualize normally invisible phenomena (like current flow) and for the first time ever provide just-in-time interactive feedback right on top of projects built by kids. For example, a kid’s very first circuit might not work because it’s not connected in a loop, while an advanced circuit might fail because an input is connected to the wrong microcontroller pin. The LightUp app recognizes each circuit with ease, and provides just the right feedback needed to get things up and running.

With LightUp, a 12-year-old can go all the way from building their first circuit to eventually creating their own internet-connected device, like Nest or FitBit. Our mission is to help kids go from being users of technology to the creators of tomorrow.

Created by Tarun Pondicherrym Josh Chan – Lightup (www.lightup.io) LightUp kits are available for purchase online at the Maker Shed, and the LightUp app is available for free download on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Thalmic Labs™ first product, the Myo armband, is a gesture-control device that bridges the gap between humans and machines. While measuring the electrical signals in forearm muscles, the device provides the user a more seamless interaction with the digital technologies they encounter in their everyday lives.

Myo has a great number of use cases and, through open-source code, can be configured to an endless number of devices through third-party developer applications. In the future, the armband user will be able to browse the internet, play video games, edit videos, and create music just by using simple gestures and motions with his or her hands.

Thalmic Labs was co-founded by Stephen Lake, Aaron Grant and Matthew Bailey. The Myo armband is available for preorder today: https://www.thalmic.com/en/myo/preorder/

4) Best Software – Campaign – Finalists

CabinVision App by RightSlope is a Mobile Augmented Reality Campaign for KOA Deluxe Cabins. By using the augmented reality feature of this app, potential campers can interact with KOA brochure to visualize the Cabin. By using the virtual tour feature of the app, potential campers can also take a virtual tour of the external and internal amenities of the Cabin. For booking a Cabin, this app redirects potential campers to the KOA app landing page.
Purpose of the App:
CabinVision App gives KOA sales agents the ability to demonstrate to potential campers the experience of a KOA Deluxe Cabin in an innovative way, using mobile Augmented Reality. With the KOA CabinVision app, potential campers can visualize and interact with the deluxe cabin and take a virtual tour of external/internal amenities right at the travel sales agent office before booking. Campers can also use the app at home and show the cabin amenities to the rest of their family members. This App should significantly increase the cabin bookings, as in general campers always like to see the cabin amenities before committing.
Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.koa.cabinvision

The 2014 IKEA Catalog app lets users actually load over 300 unique 3-D models of IKEA furniture directly from the 2014 Catalog and place them in their homes using next-generation AR. The users can then take photos, share their experiences on social media or continue trying out different pieces of furniture. The App has been downloaded millions of times, and more than 600,000 3-D models had already been placed into people’s homes within a few months of its release.
Created by Metaio & IKEA



Available for free download on iOS or Android devices: http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_CN/customer_service/download-ikea-apps/index.html

Aridea development company with AR applications, located in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico, presents the first version of its App called: “ARketing”
ARketing is an application for mobile devices.
Arketing of ARidea is an application to discover through your smartphone, the magic of the augmented reality in any physical space seen through the camera of your smartphone or electronic tablet connected to internet.
Designed to meet the needs of our customers, who wish to position in the minds of his followers or users of your products, some important characteristic of your company through the digital wonder created with augmented reality.
ARketing on your home screen activates the camera on your mobile device and shows you two options, the first to take a picture of what the camera sees, the other option is a button called aridea that takes you to the following:
Catalog AR:
This catalog contains the list of our customers who have augmented reality content through ARketing, so that the user can enjoy the experience of augmented reality, once locate the physical space of our client which points to target the camera of your mobile device.
ARidea has an online application to add new customers and augmented reality content to our catalog AR immediately without need for our users to update the APP.…more
WarBot by Vitaliy Goncharuk – Augmented Pixels (http://augmentedpixels.com)
Link on iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/warbot/id714980838?mt=8
WarBot is not a simple shooter, it’s a real discount hunter! The game is triggered by targeting the toy’s package and runs directly on the user’s iPad. The player has to fight for his virtual live, evade machine gun bullets and missiles in order to win a great discount for the chosen toy. Applying Augmented Reality technology is a highly effective way to engage customers at the point of sale and turn shopping into a fun and profitable interaction.
WarBot is easy to use:
– Target a toy
– Beat the robot
– Win a discount!
No markers or codes required.
MaxiPara created by Vitaliy Goncharuk – Augmented Pixels (http://augmentedpixels.com)
Link on iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/maxikoltuk/id803520474?mt=8
“Play the game and get free popcorn” – this is a motto of MaxiPara promotional campaign that was launched in 62 cinemas in 24 cities around Turkey.
Augmented Pixels together with Empati Reklam agency created an interactive marketing campaign for bank (Turkey). The idea of the campaign was to promote MaxiPara Sinema Kart, a special edition of Visa prepaid cards at the Cinemaximum theatres, biggest cinema chain in Turkey. For this campaign Augmented Pixels released MaxiKoltuk, westen-style augmented reality game, aiming to provide user engagement at the cinemas before movies start. Visitors of the cinema were able to play the game in cinemas’ auditoriums (markers were attached to the front seats) or got MaxiPara Card and use it as a marker everywhere. Points earned in the game could have been exchanged for free middle size popcorn.

An immersive game used as a part of marketing campaign allowed creating addicting extraordinary experience for the cinema visitors and increase MaxiPara cards adoption. Using MaxiPara Sinema Kart as a marker led to increased brand recognition.

5) Best Software – Game – Finalists

Sillyfish Digital Entertainment Limited has developed the world’s first 3D Augmented Reality game base upon the licensing of a renowned movie franchise namely “3D Naked Ambition”. The objectives of the AR Game are: a) To assist the promotion and marketing of the movie during the movie publishing period; b) To allow the followers and fans of the actors/actresses in the movie to interact with their idols through the gameplay and AR presentation. In conjunction with the application, we have published 52 AR cards that allows players to interact with the main characters of the game. In addition, users can view the characters at all single and can choose to take pictures and upload to social media network. These cards are available in over 5000 point of sales in Greater China Region. The Application includes 6 different games for player to collect sufficient points to claim for the rewards such as 3D mouse pads, 3D printed figurine, movie pops, etc.
Several breakthrough for the game: a) The AR technology can apply to all promotion items of the movies such as posters, tickets, promotional leaflets etc. It creates a new form of marketing for movie publication; b) The game packs that are available at convenient stores also contain AR contents. Customer can use AR camera within our application to locate our product within the convenient store.
Children nowadays grow up with smartphones and tablet, offering multimedia experiences a book could never offer. Until now…Alex the Astronaut is a children’s book with a futuristic touch: augmented reality interactions. Scan the pages with your smartphone or tablet and the main characters jump on the pages in 3D. You can play hide and seek, sing and dance along with Gus the Guinnea Pig, and takes pictures with both of your new friends. All animations are interlinked with the story. And that is not all; the official Pedagogic Center was involved to make sure the storyline is top notch and fit to challenge youngster to identify emotions, talk about them and take their first steps in strategic decisions making. All under the radar, of course. Alex The Astronaut was launched in Belgium in the beginning of April and made the national news on all channels and all major newspapers. Blog mums are wildly enthusiastic as well. You can download the free app for iphone, ipad and android by looking up alex astro in Itunes and the play store. The markers for the games can be found on the website www.alex-astro.com. And whoever wants to receive a review copy of the book just say the word (yeah@worldofwaw.com)! The story of course is about a little boy: Alex…more
Cookie Defense AR by CEREVROVI http://www.cerevrovi.com/
To download free of charge: http://www.cerevrovi.com/ar/aug/cookieDefense.apk
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cerevrovi.CookieDefenseAR

Cookie Defense AR is a new, amazing, innovative and thrilling game in augmented reality!
Game genre: Augmented Reality Tower Defense.
Place the different targets in a surface, point your camera and immerse yourself in an epic cookie battle against robotic evil beings.

How to play:
-Download and print pdf with the targets : www.cerevrovi.com/vg/imgs
-Cut the targets individually. (One castle and four defensive weapons).
-Place the castle’s target in the center of the surface where you want to play.
-Choose a level, point your camera to the castle’s target.
-Now you can see your castle!
-Start collecting “dough” to bake the weapons.
-Once the weapon is ready, bake it and place its target around the green road to start defending your castle from the robotic evil beings…more

HELL are a New Zealand Pizza chain that came to One Fat Sheep looking for an innovative new way to engage with their customers.Our solution was to connect 3D gaming with eating pizza and AR provided us with the technology to do that. Eating pizza and playing games is just a natural fit.

Zombies from Hell is a 3D first person tower defence type game where the customer defends HELL stores across New Zealand from a marching zombie apocalypse.
The AR user experience is central to the game design by encouraging players to zoom, orbit and pan around the pizza box to kill the zombies using a variety strategic branded weapons.
Players could also log in to the game using their Hell account and with a high enough kill count they were rewarded with tasty Hell prizes in-game.
The more you play the better the prizes. Once you’ve won a reward, redeem the voucher code with an online order and the next level will be unlocked and ready for you to play.
The game includes an additional Zombie Shooting practice level for use on in-store promotional posters. As this is a vertical format the player defends the store from in-store point of view…more

Big Bird’s Words created by Trigger and Sesame Workshop.
Big Birds Words, a collaboration by Trigger and Sesame Street Workshop, helps teach children how to read using Vuforia’s text recognition feature. Originally previewed at CES 2013, the augmented reality app recognizes thousands of words.
Big Bird guides children through an illustrated ‘find the word’ activity and then prompts them to find the words in the real world using the app’s Word-O-Scope. When found, kids are shown how the word relates to others on a word tree screen. Download here: http://www.triggerglobal.com/bigbirdswords/ Available on the App Store and Google Play.Trigger is a digital agency specializing in augmented reality, mobile application and game development. We fuse mobile innovation with hollywood creative. http://www.triggerglobal.com/
The Rolling Dead is unlike any video game you’ve ever played. Using Sphero as a fireball-shooting warrior, you must battle against virtual zombies as they spawn out of the ground.

Creator: Orbotix, Inc. / Jon Carroll
Company: Orbotix, Inc.
Website: gosphero.com
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rolling-dead-for-iphone-ipod/id653674817?mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.orbotix.rollingdead

6) Best Software – Wearable or Mobile App – Finalists

HistoPad, the augmented visit of monuments and museums using Augmented Reality, Digital Reconstruction and interactivity on digital Tablets. A new immersive and entertaining experience for all visitors.

HistoPad is a new and immersive experience for visitors of monuments and museums, using augmented reality, 3D reconstruction and interactive features on digital tablets.

Travel through Time and Space,
Plunge into lost worlds,
Get information on what interests you,
Manipulate artefacts and bring museum collections back to life,
Hunt for treasures and motivate young visitors with rewards,
A successful museum experience for the whole family!

Visit: http://www.normandyproductions.com/en/

Augmented Reality Business Cards by CEREVROVI is an augmented reality tool that makes your business cards an amazing experience for customers.
-Just download the application with your company or product´s name and your business card is the target to detect. It will show an augmented reality video, animation or a 3D model. This application will show a unique virtual presentation of your company or product that let your business

stand out from the competition. CEREVROVI can develop this augmented reality application for your company or product, including the video, animations or 3D models. http://www.cerevrovi.com/ Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.applications.Cerevrovi

ARPA San Francisco by Arpa-Solutions (www.arpa-solutions.net). Augmented San Francisco is an application that uses the power of ARPA Mobile Augmented Reality Technology to locate quickly and easily points of interest in the City of San Francisco. See the points of interest that are around you and how to get to them through three operating modes: Augmented Reality mode, Map mode and List mode. In addition, a new feature is available, which lets you create, edit and share your own points of interest as notes. About ARPA Mobile: ARPA Mobile is the Augmented Reality software platform owned by Arpa Solutions for mobile devices that lets you discover all type of interesting multimedia information around you.
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.arpasolutions.augmentedSF&hl=en




colAR Mix (created by Puteko) brings coloring pages to life in full animated 3D. It’s as easy as Print, Color, Play for kids to be amazed by their drawings springing to life. Not just kids though, adults too: http://techcrunch.com/2013/07/17/colar-uses-augmented-reality-to-brings-your-kids-drawing-to-life/. Enjoy!
Insider Navigation is the first Augmented Reality indoor navigation which works smooth, without the need of hardware, bringing venues for customers to life, adding value and enthuse. With its special tools is a huge support for guests at exhibitions, in shopping malls as well as in public areas:

Insider navigation knows the inside of buildings with pinpoint accuracy! The app navigates the user intuitively via the shortest route to his/her destination. Individual requests from venues can be easily integrated in shops & bars become advertising hotspots. The special experience for the user: Users look ahead due to AR navigation and can find exclusive offers from stores and restaurants: redeem vouchers on the spot and shop directly. If desired, also accessible barrier-free or with language support for visually impaired users. The insider navigation technology was developed in cooperation with the technical university in Vienna. insider navigation app works for Android and iOS = 95% smartphone coverage and seamlessly even without internet connection! No expensive hardware investments and no maintenance are required, no WiFi Hotspots no Bluetooth repeater! insider navigation – Destination tomorrow. Today!
INS Insider Navigation Systems GmbH www.insidernavigation.com

7) Best Solution for Enterprises – Finalists

Merlin Mobility, Inc.
Creators: Alex Hill, Harrison Leach, Sam Mendenhall, Ryan Evans

Merlin’s Thermoplan Diagnostic Service Application enables Coca-Cola Field Service personnel to diagnose equipment issues, visualize error codes and order parts directly in-app.

The Thermoplan Diagnostic Service Application was created via Merlin’s AR content creation platform Alchemy, and showcases our signature features such as Dynamic Labeling, X-Ray Views and in-Situ Animations.

Application highlights include the ability to filter parts by proximity, error code and relevance to a process. Animations assist in visualizing how a process should appear when performing correctly and annotations may be added and viewed by ranking. Additionally, parts are easily ordered in-app, without the possibility of any human error.

The Program is presently being rolled out as a Pilot in the European Market and has received accolades from The Coca-Cola Company Leadership.

L’Oreal By Wasd Studio
Website: www.wasdstudio.com
Internal app development made to L’Oreal Mexico for their sell force to give a new interaction for the client using augmented reality in combination with the product slides, the image target was the printed publicity card for the product. They interest retention for the clients increases proving that AR can generate more interest that traditional media. The app show off a zoom skin and the effects that the product molecules makes to the user, the seller can show of different parts of the skin to point out details of what´s happening, next the app showcase the product retail package an it characteristics.
NDT Visualization by Twnkls | Augmented Reality for Applus + RTD.

Applus+ RTD is global leader in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) setting standards, developing technology and delivering the highest quality service to industry worldwide for more than 75 years. It delivers technical assurance by reducing risk and non-productive time through the provision of sample examination, giving a complete picture of the asset’s condition.

IWEX – The RTD IWEX (Inverse Wave Field Extrapolation) is a NDT technique that allows detailed inspection and mapping of defects within critical pieces of pipework. It shows great potential in both defect detection and characterization, combined with a simplified presentation of inspection due to an imaging approach. The result is an actual image of the inspected volume, rather than a plot of the collected signals. It provides users with a 3D image of the inspected object, giving clearer insight into the scale and nature of any existing defects than is currently possible. Straightforward interpretation is less dependent on operator sills and calibration blocks. It could save operators millions of dollars by reducing the number of welds being rejected in new construction pipelines both onshore and offshore.

Company: Seabery
Product: Augmented Training Technology
Educational Resources Management Platform (ERMP) Pioneer technology solution (the only one in the market) combining 4D Augmented Reality, real time advanced immersive simulation, e-learning, teacher management and monitoring software and apps for smart phones to enhance vocational education and training results for institutions and industries worldwide.
Our first application of Seabery Augmented Training is SOLDAMATIC, already helping improve welding training in more tan 25 countries of 4 continents.
Our technology helps attracts youth to industry, train healthy&safety more professionals, in less time, better qualified, cheaper, reducing environmental impact and promoting women participation in traditionally male industries
Metaio partnered with Epson America and Mitsubishi Electric to develop an application that would allow service technicians to access maintenance information quickly and conveniently and overlay it step-by-step onto the actual product. The Epson Moverio BT-200 allows hands-free, full-field view to make sure that the information gets overlaid directly in the mechanic’s line of sight, rather than a monocular view or through a tablet device.


The app is an internal enterprise app for Mitsubishi Electric, and is not available for public download. It will however be on display at the Metaio booth during AWE 2014.

 Prize Sponsors

60976-594652-ozkOQwvVYrgspmH-4DStudio-logo@2xWe’re excited to announce that the Ten  2014 Auggie Awards winners will also be awarded the prize of a one-year Team license to DAQRI 4D Studio, a new and powerful cloud-hosted creative tool that makes it easy to create and publish augmented reality experiences (up to 5 licenses per winning team valued at $25,000 per year!).

Visit DAQRI.com/4DStudio to learn more.

See you at the award ceremony at 7pm on May 28th at the Santa Clara Convention Center!

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