107 speakers from 76 augmented reality companies on a single stage

Only 23 Days left for the Augmented Reality Event 2011. Register Today! 30 hours of the latest innovation in augmented reality by top speakers from the following companies: 3DVIA AR traveler AerialFireTech All Things Digital The Virtual Magician Augmatic Bloom/VURB Cagefree Consulting Chart Venture Partners Clothia Columbia University Daqri Defiant Exploratorium Franklin Institute GeoLoqi Georgia Tech Goldrun Google Goggles Graz University HIT Lab NZ Hoppala Gigantico Idea Builder Homes Immersion Optics Innovega Intel capital Keiichi Matsuda Teksylos Layar Lit Studios Maker Lab MapQuest Metaio Microsoft Mob-Labs Mobilizy MPR Center mShakespeare MUVEDesign Nokia Occipital Ogmento Osage Associates OWNI Parkridge police PepsiCO Pillsbury Law Platial Previznet Qualcomm Sacred Land Film Project Seac02 Simiosys Spotmetrix Tactical Information Systems Tanagram Technology Systems, Inc. ThingM Total Immersion UgoTrade Unity3D University of Kent, Canterbury Vertigore Virtual Public Art Project Vitamin AR VTT Viewdle Vuzix Waze Web3D Whistlebox Quest Visual YDreams Zenitum Zugara...

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