Diotasoft is an editor of augmented reality solutions for the industry.

In 2011 Diotasoft created a partnership with the CEA (Atomic Energy Commission, one of the biggest research lab in France), which allows Diotasoft to benefit exclusively from a unique, breakthrough tracking algorithm protected by a worldwide patent.

With this approach Diotasoft is today the only company providing its industrial clients a solution in line with their requirements:
– Precise: the virtual content is overlaid exactly where it is supposed to be
– Markerless: no need to add clutter in the environment
– Robust: movement does not affect the precision of the system

Diotasoft’s solutions are already trusted by several key industrial partners:
Dassault Aviation, Volkswagen, Safran (LPS, Aircelle), Total, Renault, Air Liquide, Peugeot, EDF, Faurecia…

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