Atheer is the pioneer in Augmented interactive Reality™ (AiR), combining the power of 3D augmented reality with gesture-based computing interaction to unlock human productivity.

Atheer’s award-winning AiR SmartGlasses are the industry’s only mobile, gesture-controlled see-through smart glasses that allow users to view critical workflow information overlaid onto the real world, making it possible for users to interact with data in a natural way and collaborate with their peers like never before. Leveraging the Atheer AiR Platform, independent developers and companies around the world are now creating next-generation productivity applications for use across the enterprise.

The technology breaks the display size barrier to create an experience that is more immersive than a tablet and more portable than a smartphone. Atheer has patented ergonomic benefits that can improve visual comfort and performance by adjusting to each person’s specific characteristics. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, CA and is comprised of an interdisciplinary team of experts in computer vision, user ergonomics and beyond.