At Merlin, our cloud-hosted platform Alchemy enables enterprises to easily create and deploy mobile Augmented Reality (AR) content, for Marketing and Instructional applications, and then measure the effectiveness of those applications. Augmented Reality is the same technology that enables the “Yellow First Down Line” in football broadcasts, perhaps the greatest innovation in televised sports to date. Merlin’s innovative, AR Marketing Applications enable life-size, interactive, digital versions of products to be fully explored before making a purchasing decision. Once a product is purchased, Merlin’s AR Instructional Applications help people successfully interact with and repair products up to 56% faster, by presenting information about those products “in situ” or “directly in place” on the physical product.
Merlin will present an overview of how a Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) Grant enabled us to partner with Georgia Tech’s Augmented Environments Lab (AEL), one of the premier Augmented Reality facilities in the world. AEL researchers, including Blair McIntyre and Maribeth Gandy, are considered to be some of the foremost AR experts in the world and Maribeth in particular worked closely with Merlin as we explored early concepts for our platform, now known as Alchemy. Merlin’s Chief Scientist, Alex Hill, did his post-doctoral research at AEL, where his primary focus was Argon, the first open source AR Browser in the world, and the majority of Merlin employees to date have come out of the University System of Georgia. Merlin will present a video overview highlighting a variety of our applications with Georgia-based clients such as Coca-Cola, AT&T & Home Depot.


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