Catchoom is a new world order cloud-based image recognition that brings you the tools you need to create digital experiences for the real world.

Our motto? Less gimmicks, more actionable augmented reality (AR) and dissolve the boundaries between the physical and digital world. Our flagship product CraftAR combines the world’s best image recognition technology with the easiest AR content creation tool. Point a phone at a real world object to make an AR experience pop up or retrieve links, coupons or other related content. No cutting corners, no bugs and a huge database that can be searched in seconds flat. Brands around the world want AR that engages the end user and provides a user experience, building a bridge between the two worlds. That’s where CraftAR comes in.

CraftAR can be used in two ways:

1.Full-fledged Augmented Reality

Use all features to show content overlaid on top of the real world. Examples are 3D objects, animations and interactive buttons.

2.Image Recognition only

Skip the pop-up effect and lead directly to content in full-screen. Examples are coupons, websites or additional information. The team behind Catchoom is pretty amazing. We are a spin off of Telefonica Digital so we were incubated in one of the most innovative companies in the world. We love what we do and we aim to bring you the tools you need to create new digital experiences for your customers in the real world. Catchoom was nominated Gartner Cool Vendor in Digital Marketing as well as Red Herring Top100 Europe and is a former Auggie award winner at AWE. Our customers include Condé Nast Digital, En-Vision America and Almirall.


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