Scope AR provides the world’s most advanced Augmented Reality Training and Maintenance Solutions. We are leading the way in this emerging market, using the latest in augmented glasses and software to provide an incredible real-time 3D overlay training solution. Scope is currently working with some of the world’s leading multi-national companies to provide custom, state-of-the art training systems, while continuing to innovate and create novel Augmented Reality Training Solutions. Currently, Scope AR has clients engaged within industrial verticals such as oil and gas, aerospace, mining, automotive, health, and military.

Along with providing state-of-the-art solutions to many of our clients, Scope AR has also developed a Platform (Scope Assist), which builds is licensed to our industrial clients, providing them with simple tools to create and manage AR solutions within their own organization. The platform addresses scalability and security with our large international clients, allowing them to generate their own AR solutions in a simple process. The combination of our leading solutions and our scalable platform continues to position Scope AR as the leader in providing training and maintenance AR solutions to industrial verticals.


Urban, Architecture & Construction, Health, Sports & Recreation, Education & Training, Automotive & Travel, Military & Emergency Response, Enterprise & Industrial


Mobile, Eyewear, Wearables, Location Tech


Augmented Reality solutions for training and maintenance for industrial applications
Licensable platform designed for rapid and easy creation and management of AR solutions for training and maintenance

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