Day Two – Wednesday May 18th, 2011

1:30-2:30 pm

AR Standards and Open Source

Technology Track  (Great America 1-2 – Second Floor)

Blair MacIntyre and Alex Hill (GA Tech) – Argon standards-based AR browser

In this talk, we would like to present the current design and future plans for the Argon AR Web Browser and the underlying KHARMA architecture.  The Argon browser is available for free on the iTunes App Store, and allows anyone to create web-enabled mobile AR experiences and applications entirely using traditional web programming approaches;  quite simply, if you can create it in the mobile Safari Browser on the iPhone, you can push it out into the AR world with Argon.

This talk will discuss the technology, with examples of current Argon use cases.  We will also present our near and long term plans for Argon.  Our goal is to have KHARMA and Argon be community needs-driven projects, and so this talk will also serve as a forum and venue for engaging with the audience and bringing them into the developer community, to help steer the direction of the project and emerging standard.

Damon Hernandez (Web3D) – Standards for Mixed Reality

Avi Bar-Zeev (Principal at Microsoft) – Open web infrastructure for read/write spatialdata for AR

Mark Billinghurst and Philip Lamb (CTO, Artoolworks) – Building an open source AR business

ARToolworks is the oldest continuously operating AR open source company, and this presentation discusses how to build a successful business on open source AR technology. We will discuss how the ARToolKit software family was created, a community developed around it, and the licensing and revenue sharing models used to return benefit back to the developers. In addition we will provide an overview of new technical developments and how mobile and web-based AR platforms provide on-going opportunities for business growth. This talk will be of interest for anyone wanting to learn how to develop their own open source technology and build a successful business off it.

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