Day One – Tuesday May 17th, 2011

3:00-4:00 pm

AR for eCommerce

Business Track  (Great America J – First Floor)

Matt Szymczyk (CEO,Zugara) – The Future Of Video Conferencing And AR

With Chatroulette currently exploding (and by June most likely the next big thing since Twitter), this discussion would revolve around the meteoric rise of webcam usage – especially with Gen Y and Gen Z. With these generations now using webcam as their main method of communication, what is the future of Augmented Reality with Video Conferencing? How can it be applied to Business?

Note: We obviously have the ZugSTAR AR + Videoconferencing video we released a few weeks ago but I’d like to try and make this presentation interactive with audience participation. So, one thought would be to elicit ‘speed industries’ from the crowd and have a panel members quickly describe vision for that particular business and how AR & Videoconferencing could work… This could also be a generic AR session that is ‘channel’ or ‘industry’ focused with same audience participation – so lightning round Q&A with panelists or speaker giving quick hit responses to how AR can be used in every industry or marketing/advertising channel…

Marc Hayem (Previznet) – Introducing Playviz

Playviz is the first Augmented Reality home furnishing fitting room. Playviz revolutionizes home furnishing e-marketing by allowing consumers to try out furniture before buying it.

Elena Silenok (Founder, Clothia)

Create virtual closets, mix-n-match outfits, and share them with friends. Watch videos, read blogs, and experiment with trends. Connect with friends, stylists and fashion designers. It’s all here at Clothia.com.

Andrea Carignano (CEO, Seac02) – e²-commerce, the experiential e-commerce: Moving from geeks-AR towards multichannel business applications

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