Day One – Tuesday May 17th, 2011

3:00-4:00 pm


Production Track  (Great America K – First Floor)

Amir Baradaran (artist)  – FutARism: The Possibilities of AR in Art Making

This talk will explore the ramifications of AR for art-making, in particular, for installation art. Speficially, I will focus on how AR alters spatial understanding and relational fields and how this presupposing a change in the choreography of the social. I will also present on how this relates to my artistic practice though a discussion of FutARism. A provocation and a proposition, FutARism hints at our future while it reckons with our present. The project seeks to explore the experiential, conceptual and legal shifts suggested by the advent of AR within the modalities of contemporary art, its practice and reception. This platform will become an alternative exhibition model for artists internationally in the near future.

Ina Centaur (mShakespeare) – ClayAR

ClayAR is about taking virtual clay into the real world. Via an intuitive interface, that lets anyone create and modify 3d geometry anywhere their smartphone goes, users can create virtual items that can then be printed to physically ?augment reality.? The ClayAR project consists of both the software to enable this highly accessible mobile creation process, as well as the portable hardware to fab it: the world’s smallest 3D printer.

James Alliban – Shaping the Future

Although Augmented Reality is in its early stages and regarded by many as relatively useless in its current form, many believe it is set to radically transform human computer interaction with the introduction of AR glasses. For an artist/designer, AR is a fascinating area to explore. Early experimentation has the potential to guide the direction of the technology.

For the last couple of years James has been experimenting with AR as a creative platform for building unique interactive experiences over everyday utilities. In this talk he will show demo and discuss several of his experiments along with the work of others. He will also discuss his views on the current state of play and the future of AR.

Sander Veenhof – AR For Artists

For artists, augmented reality has unprecedentedly extended the horizon of the creative sphere in multiple ways. Not only did it open up a new hybrid dimension to explore, with infinite possibilities in terms of size, complexity or spatial reach, the extension of possibilities goes beyond the crossing of former physical limitations, such as country borders or museum walls. The implication of this new reality was showcased in October 2010 when he and 30 fellow AR artists organised a guerrilla exhibition titled “We AR in MoMA” in the iconic MoMA museum in New York. Occupying all of its 6 floors and even adding a virtual 7th floor on top op the museum, turning it into a permanent pied-a-terre for virtual art, illustrating the fact that AR does not only augment reality in a visual way, but also radically disturbs the organisational reality of the (art) world. Next in the series of AR interventions is the upcoming addition of a virtual pavilion dedicated to augmented reality art into the Giardini country pavilion garden of prominent Venice Biennial art exhibition, originating from the opinion that the new cross-country shared creative space rectifies its own base within the exhibition.

With references to the MoMA show and his own portfolio of works, Veenhof will address the impact of AR for contemporary artists and the role artists play for AR in return: showcasing the radical paradigm shifting characteristics of AR to a wide audience by means of exemplary, experimental or visionary AR projects not limited by organisational, functional or commercial requirements.

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