Day One – Tuesday May 17th, 2011

11:30-12:30 pm

AR in Marketing and Advertising

Production Track  (Great America K – First Floor)

Chas Mastin (whistlebox) – AR for Brands

I would like to present some portmortems about working with brands with AR, dealing with challenges faced and overcome in various kid’s and adult brands we have worked with, highlighting AngelinaBallerina.com and HBO developments.

Charles Woodward (VTT) – Cross-Media AR Applications: Case Dibidogs

I will present a case study of implementíng a number of commercial cross-media AR projects dealing with the award-winning 3D children’s TV series “Dibidogs”. First we developed an animated AR demo for the Dibidogs production company Futurecode to support their marketing activities. A similar application was implemented as web based solution for Scandinavia’s biggest media house Aller, to promote the launch of the TV series in April 2010. In a project commissioned by Nokia, the Dibidogs adventured on N900 phones in Finland’s pavillion at Sanghai World Expo 2010. An augmented Dibidogs storybook with photorealistic rendering and other novel features appeared in August 2010, with the project commissioned by Futurecode and the book publisher Paasilinna. Near future plans include publishing of new AR books for international distribution, as well as Dibidogs AR games in real world environments. I will include in the presentation figures of the different revenue streams generated by the projects, as well as customer comments on how the AR solutions have had impact on their business.

Shailesh Rao (GoldRun) – Extending the Mobile AR Footprint – Client Friendly | Context Sensitive | Dynamic Delivery

This presentation will focus on strategies integral to the AR platform model, intended to keep client costs and development time low, bolster the appeal to potential users, and extend the shelf life & evergreen aspects of mobile AR experiences.

Teri Schindler (EVP, Davis Brand Capital) – Using AR as an Interactive Medium

Augmented Reality has a good potential to be an advertising and entertainment medium. Today there are concrete considerations in bringing this to fruition. This talk will focus upon the work being done today with a discussion around the roadmap leading to commercial success for content creators, technology providers, retailers, distributors, and agencies.

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