Day Two – Wednesday May 18th, 2011

3:00-4:00 pm

AR Solutions at Work

Technology Track  (Great America 1-2 – Second Floor)

Steven Feiner (Columbia Uni.) – for job task training and assistance

Applying AR to maintenance and repair tasks could make it possible for customized instructions and assistance to be embedded directly within the task domain. This can eliminate the need to refer to separate documentation, and improve the speed and quality with which tasks can be accomplished. This talk will discuss research done at Columbia University on developing AR systems for maintenance and repair, and evaluating them in comparison with current approaches to guiding workers.

DiAnn Eisnor (Waze) – AR In cars

Greg Howes (Idea Builder Homes) – AR in Buildings

The AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry has a growing interest and eagerness to adopt augmented reality. Advances in mobile AR allow for a variety of applications that improve methods for the construction, inspection, maintenance, and renovation of architectural structures.

Mauro Rubin (Joinpad) - Augmented XP for transmission system maintenance

The product conceived and developed by JoinPad, able to assist technician, involved in broadcast/teletransmission industry, during ordinary and extraordinary maintenance: from transmission system installation, antennas, microwave links, broadcasting equipments (amplifiers, excitors, etc.) to generic maintenance.

Through special HMD glasses equipped with a webcam, technicians will be able to recognize device and to get related instructions about specific operations to perform, the position and relative instructions about the best way to replace a hardware component part or to set up the system.

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