Day One – Tuesday May 17th, 2011

10:00-11:00 am

AR Technologies – State of the Art

Technology Track  (Great America 1-2 – Second Floor)

Thomas Alt (CEO, Metaio) – History, present and future of AR technology – 15 Years of Augmented Reality: From Utility to Hype and Back Again.

From its origins in research, AR was built to facilitate the way we interact with real objects. Over the past 5 years, AR became widely used as a label for many developments in the user interface domain which did not specifically address physical objects. This year, the AR world is refocusing on changing how we interact with the complex situations and physical objects which populate our everyday lives.

This speech will cover a review of 15 years of application development from academia to heavy industry and into the consumer domain. Thomas will also provide an outlook on how augmented reality will change everyday lives in the next five years while maintaining a focus on feasible applications.

Mark Billinghurst (HIT Lab NZ) – Overview of AR Authoring Tools

Early research and development in the AR community was around enabling technology such as low level programming libraries, tracking and displays. However as AR has become more commercial there is a need for tools that can be used by non-programmers to build AR applications. This presentation provides an overview of some of the AR Authoring tools that have been recently developed by the HIT Lab NZ and how they can be used to assemble AR scenes and provide simple AR prototyping. A preview of on-going research in the area will also be given and what the next generation of AR authoring tools may look like.

Roy Ashok (Qualcomm) – Developing AR Apps with QCAR

In this session, you will learn about Qualcomm’s mobile AR platform and the types of exciting experiences that it enables. See examples of mobile AR games and applications, and hear from one Qualcomm AR Developer Challenge winning developers, who will discuss his own experience to develop an AR app with the Qualcomm AR platform. In addition, we will show you how to quickly build applications with our powerful and easy-to-use management tools, which are well-integrated into Unity’s game engine.

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