Day Two – Wednesday May 18th, 2011

11:30-12:30 pm

Hands-Free AR

Production Track  (Great America K – First Floor)

Chris Arkenberg – A Roadmap to Hand’s-Free Augmented Reality

This talk will consider the steps towards a fully-immersive, head’s-up augmented reality. What are the design fictions that have prototyped the ideal AR experience? What are the limitations of existing solutions for AR? Which technologies and businesses are advancing the components necessary to deliver immersive, hands-free AR? What timelines are likely for the development of something like iGlasses? What are the perceptual, technological, and interaction challenges to a complete head’s-up AR experience? And finally, what are some of current research trends & long-term scenarios for consumer-level brain-computer interface as a natural UX for augmented reality?

Jason Wilson – Remote Hearing

StatusTones is a research project connecting real-time data (from the web or the world) to a mobile phone’s notification system using nothing but sound. In this talk I’ll be presenting some research examples around the idea of remote hearing, semio-acoustics, and meaningful notifications.

Anselm Hook (Parc) – Augmented Cognition

My new interest is in pragmatic uses of augmented reality interfaces to help with day to day work. I’m taking the Doug Engelbart stance that technology augments our faculties.
I’ve also noticed that the traditional mouse and keyboard and sit-down interface is not healthy for us – and that other ways of working may be better for us.
The general conclusion and observation, and where I am speaking to recently, is that augmented interfaces for every day work could solve two or more problems, problems with health, problems with how we interact with data, and problems with how we communicate.

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