Day Two – Wednesday May 18th, 2011

9:00-10:00 am

Lessons in AR Webcams and Magic Mirrors

Technology Track  (Great America 1-2 – Second Floor)

Blake Callens (Zugara) – AR+UX – Best Practices for AR Usability

With AR technology in a constant state of flux, it’s important to put focus on how to present your products in the most easily digestible manner for a general public that can be unsure about switching to the Natural User Interface.  Blake Callens, Senior Software Engineer at Zugara, will demonstrate the best methods for turning cutting edge technology into full products that end users will want to regularly use, as well how to avoid the common UX pitfalls of technology minded people when developing AR applications.

Alpay Kasal (Lit Studios) – Augmented Experiences from the trenches

As a designer and builder of uniquely immersive experiences, I speak as an engineer from the “trenches”. I will be referencing some of my past executions where HCI, AR, and user experience received special consideration. When a consumer walks away from a brand interaction that successfully provides a sense of surprise and wonderment, it is likely that consumer impression will have a longer lasting affect. I will speak about today’s inherent hurdles and design challenges in an AR interaction. By adding supplemental technologies to AR concepts, we can find both immersive and truly functional uses of AR, rather than a “killer app”. Technologies such as the Interactive Mirror (elimination of the “webcam”), markeless/texture tracking, blob tracking (for bodies and crowds), face tracking and object tracking, and depth cameras (Microsoft Kinect) are all HCI (human computer interaction) tools that can take AR to a new level. I believe a future prevalence of AR requires developers to seek multiple technology paths. Integrating high end technologies for public installations and site specific experiences will also result in a “trickle down” acceptance of AR on personal devices. I will show computer vision, the Interactive Mirror, combinations of sensors, and the Kinect in use.

Scott Wellwood, (VP, Total Immersion) – AR in eCommerce apps

Adobe Scene 7 details, concrete business case with Adobe

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