Day One – Tuesday May 17th, 2011

1:30-2:30 pm

Mission Critical AR

Business Track  (Great America J – First Floor)

Joseph Rampolla (Parkridge Police) – The Law Enforcement Perspective of AR

Augmented Reality (AR) is set to create a technological explosion with the expansion of the mobile platform along with other multifaceted factors. There is no ignoring the amazing uses of AR and its ability to potentially permeate every instance of a technologically advanced society. The uncharted waters of mobile apps, facial recognition, AR drones, and other unforeseen uses creates an exciting yet frightful dilemma for law enforcement and emergency response personnel. This presentation will delve into this double age sword and touch on real concerns that the R&D community and entrepreneurs may not have pondered. Issues such as child exploitation, stalking, terrorism, eavesdropping and other areas will be discussed. The presentation will focuses on the needs of law enforcement and emergency responders while raising concerns on how miscreants can capitalize on this new high-tech playground.

Joseph Juhnke (CEO Tanagram) – AR Display for Firefighters

In 2010, Tanagram presented its intelligent Augmented Reality Model (iARM) at the first ARE conference. This was developed under an innovation grant for DARPA for use in enhancing individual and group situational awareness among infantry soldiers. Building upon this work, Tanagram was awarded an innovation grant by the Department of Homeland Security to concept heads-up display for use by firefighters and other first responders. Tanagram’s concept uses the firefighters self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) mask as an immersive augmented reality display to integrate and display the numerous data feeds available currently and in the near future. The firefighter interacts with the system through a gesture-based natural user interface allowing for simple control. It also will provide the ability to stay focused and engaged with the life and death tasks of fighting the fire. In this situation, AR offers the greatest potential of transforming the scene inside a fire from one of sensory deprivation to one that is full of rich, SA enhancing information.

Chuck Benton (TSI) – Enhancing Situational Awareness in the Military

As a company that has created Augmented Reality software for the Military for over 20 years we can say with authority that the military use of Augmented Reality has expanded significantly. Systems are now being adopted to enhance amphibious navigation, port and ship security, Search and Rescue, and small tactical team operations, to name a few. Augmented Reality, when combined with net-centric systems provide a Common Operational Picture that enhances Situational Awareness, resulting in increased capabilities, enhanced safety, and reduced costs.

This presentation will include an overview of ongoing projects along with examples of real world applications of the technology today. Also discussed will be hardware solutions, ranging from multi-sensor militarized systems to commercially available smart phones. Discussions will include automated threat identification, advanced interception solutions, and small team security operations. This presentation will provide attendees with insight into emerging capabilities and trends within the military domain, and how they complement commercial activities.

Mark Zaller (AerialFireTech) – AR for Aerial Firefighters

Integagration of 3D forest models, daily GIS (Geographic Information System) data and live IR on a heads-up display in the cockpit allow aerial fireifghers to do what was previously not possible. Transmittnig this AR to the ground empowers fire teams to collaborate in a new way.

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