Day Two – Wednesday – May 18th, 2011

11:30-12:30 pm

Startup Launch Pad

Business Track  (Great America J – First Floor)

Hosted by Ina Fried (All Things Digital)

The AR Startup launchpad – provides a stage for promising AR startups seriously looking for funding to pitch their company, business model and products in front of a panel that consists of VCs and entrepreneurs.

Panel: consists of 3 judges: Jay Wright (Qualcomm ), Mark Subotnick (Intel Capital), DiAnn Eisnor (Chairman of Waze).

The panel will ask questions, provide advice, and determine the winner (to be announced at event wrap up)

Prize: Sony experia Play phone (courtesy of Qualcomm) – but more importantly the acknowledgement and media announcements – to help launch the startup.

Pitching startups:

1) Mobilizy (the creator of Wikitude)

CEO: Martin Herdina

Mobilizy – the company behind Wikitude – is an early pioneer and one of the leading innovators in mobile augmented reality with in-house development of location-based services and AR experiences for smart-phones.Mobilizy is a leading innovator in mobile Augmented Reality. Our flagship product is the Wikitude World Browser, which is the first available mobile Augmented Reality browser worldwide. Point of interests can be searched by current position and viewed on a map, list, and on an Augmented Reality (AR) camera view. Wikitude is available for Android, iPhone, Symbian and bada.

2) Innovega

CEO: Stephen Willey

Digital multimedia is more rich and accessible than ever. Users in our target markets want convenient access to high-quality information. Mobile displays are too small to read – and far too small to enjoy. Our mission has been to eliminate this media bottleneck. The defense community pioneered wearable displays but designs fell far short of needs due to an optics-driven, “comfort versus performance trade-off”. Additional requirements set by AR developers of an optically transparent, panoramic wearer experience has exacerbated the challenge and eyewear suppliers continue to struggle to deliver an acceptable platform. By integrating necessary magnification into otherwise normal contact lenses, Innovega has eliminated the bulk and visual limitations of conventional eyewear optics and will successfully deliver against what has been so clearly defined as a natural AR interface. 100 million people already wear contact lenses. The majority use smartphones, download media, enjoy games, etc. Together with these new pioneers who will be the first to fully experience all AR has to offer, we at Innovega will be honored to play a role in shaping a part of the future of AR.

3) Previznet

CEO:  Yohan Bentolila

The main difficulty faced by e-commerce retailers in certain markets, like home furnishing, is to provide their customers with a good idea of how the products they sell will look in the customer’s home. This has to be achieved without compromising the brand or reducing the appeal of the products. With Playviz consumers can upload a picture of their home and simply insert 3D furniture into the picture in less than 5 minutes. They can visualize how these items will look inside their home with an ultra-realistic rendition. Playviz is based on a novel Augmented Reality, self-calibrating, marker-less and high-definition technology.

4) Neogence

CEO:  Robert Rice

Neogence Enterprises is the developer of Mirascape, a mobile platform for location-based services, social content aggregation, and augmented reality. Neogence also provides engagement marketing campaigns and promotions leveraging QR Codes, collectible virtual objects, and our location-based Earthmarks(tm). The company is headquartered in Raleigh North Carolina. Mirascape.com (alpha) is now live, with an android application available for download

5) Gravity Jack

Creative director & Chief Evangelist: Mitch Williams

Gravity Jack is taking the right steps needed to defeat the “dark side”.  With all the problems in AR, Gravity Jack has come up with the solutions.  That being said, Gravity Jack will be talking about the current tech, the team, money, competition, revenue – AND – where they were yesterday, where they are today and where they’ll be tomorrow.

Good luck to all!

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