Day Two – Wednesday May 18th, 2011

1:30-2:30 pm

User Experience in AR

Production Track  (Great America K – First Floor)

Tish Shute (UgoTrade)

Ivan Franco (YDreams) – A Smarter AR, please!

It’s our strong belief that the research and development of next-generation intelligent interaction is expected to rely on integrative efforts across several computer science fields. Ivan will talk about these topics and share some goals of YDreams current AR research: to explore and implement architectures and practical design methodologies for embodied intelligent interaction.

Brendan Scully (Metaio)  – AR Feng Shui

Brendan Scully, Biz Dev Manager and Experience Designer at metaio will briefly introduce the “bare bones” guidelines of spatial arrangement found in ancient Chinese cosmology, propose a new set of tenets for “auspicious” AR design and rate examples from across the AR industry using these new standards. Audience participation is strongly encouraged.

Mike Kuniavksy (ThingM)

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