Many of the pioneers in the emerging AR industry who will be speaking at, and attending Augmented Reality Event (ARE 2011), consider “Rainbows End” one of their key inspirations.

Here is an excerpt from an UgoTrade interview with author Vernor Vinge – just 6 days prior to event:

Tish Shute: What is the best and worst, in your view, about the way Augmented Reality is emerging from science fiction into science fact?

Vernor Vinge: Progress that sets the stage: The worldwide market penetration of cellphones in the era 2000-2010 was of a size and speed that would have counted as foolish implausibility even in science-fiction of earlier times. More than half the human race suddenly had access to knowledge and comms. Being in the middle of this firestorm of progress, we can’t really judge ultimate effects, but I expect that smart phones and the empowering aspects of social networks and AR are still massively underhyped. (This is not to say that individual innovation enterprises can’t fail; the treasure is there for those who dare, and ultimately the whole human race can benefit.)

Tish Shute: What do you feel will be the most impactful application of AR in people’s everyday lives?

Vernor: AR apps that let each person/team see those aspects of physical reality that are important for their current activity. Pointing technologies that coordinate with that AR vision. The combination is a revolution of interfaces, and the probable physical disappearance of more and more of the gadgets that twentieth century people associated with high tech.

Read the rest of the interview  at UgoTrade.

Vernor Vinge will be judging the competitors at The Auggies for the best AR demo at ARE 2011. Also, come see him discuss the state of Augmented Reality at the ARE 2011 event wrap up with Bruce Sterling.

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