With all the Augmented Reality goodness at ARE – worried about finding your way around the event this year? Thanks to mobile AR browser junaio you won’t miss a single panel, keynote or coffee break!

Augmented Reality technology provider metaio has been chosen by ARE as the conferences’ first official mobile guide. The firm’s AR application junaio will fill the two day event with useful, location-specific information; a demonstration to the world that AR is real and ready to use!

During the conference, attendees will be able to access ARE 2011 content on their iPhone and Android devices to view the locations of sponsors and exhibitors overlaid across the showcase floor. Speaker rooms and session details will be featured as well.

ARE Co-Chair Ori Inbar explains,

Well, when you curate the best of the best in augmented reality for the largest gathering of AR enthusiasts in the world – you might as well empower attendees to navigate the event in an augmented reality fashion (while saving some trees)!

This event will immerse attendees in an augmented world of innovative companies, cutting edge keynote speakers and introduce junaio as the events’ first augmented guidebook. By combining sensor fusion with their LLA-marker-technology, metaio aims to show how the accuracy limitations of indoor GPS navigation can be overcome.

Metaio’s Brendan Scully adds:

We wanted to put something together for everybody at ARE that is context-relevant. Hopefully the channel inspires some good discussion between attendees. How do we make this experience better? Where do we take AR next? Ori puts on an incredible show and we can’t wait to see what’s been built for 2011.

If you would like to participate in the mobile navigation experience download junaio here:

For Android download here.

For iPhone download here.

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