For those who can’t wait for the biggest augmented reality event of the year – ARE2012 (on May 8,9 – 2012 register today!), we have collected some of last year’s talks – generously published by their authors (many thanks to Layar for publishing a bunch).

ARE 2011 was the biggest augmented reality event ever with 520 attendees, 31 sponsors, partners and exhibitors107 speakers from more than 76 AR companies who delivered more than 30 hours of AR goodness. With the explosion of AR products and projects in the past year- ARE 2012 is poised to be even bigger.

Here are some of them last years contributions. Go ahead whet your appetite!

Adrian Farano’s “Lasagna Journalism”:

The Space Liberation Front Steals the Stage from Bruces Sterling:

Here’s Ben Cerveny’s (@neb) inspiring talk Ambient Intelligence:

StreetARt Mobile Augmented Reality App casestudy slides:

Jaron Lanier’s keynote:

E square commerce by seac02:

Rob Manson Presents BuildAR at the Auggies:

Impressive future ideas from GoldRun – Mobile Fashion Apps & Augmented Reality:


Blaise Aguera y Arcas’ (Microsoft) keynote:

AR Games by Brian Selzer (Ogmento) slides:

Fireside chat with Vernor Vinge and Bruce Sterling:

Helen Papagiannis AR and storytelling – slides:

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald’s “Moving beyond presumption”:

Chris Arkenberg’s Signals, Challenges, & Horizons in Hand’s Free Augmented Reality:

And for dessert, here is a great article by TechZulu summarizing the highlights of the event.


If you are still hungry from more AR – ARE 2012 is coming.

Early bird registration ends tomorrow, February 21. Register today and save $100!

Note to speakers – if your talk or slides are missing – add them in the comments!

If have an idea for a talk for ARE2012 – go ahead submit here!



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