ARE 2012, the world’s largest augmented reality event, invites you – The People – to discover the wonders of  augmented reality (AR). Register today with the Early Bird Discount and save $100 before it expires on March 21st.

For the first time, ARE 2012 is reaching out beyond the tech world – to everybody out there – who is seeking to leverage AR to advance their business or their life.

The event will kick off with keynotes by Frank Cooper (CMO of Pepsi), and Miles Ludwig (VP Digital at Sesame) – that will showcase how mainstream corporations are using AR as a key tool to drive customer engagement in consumer packaged goods, as well as education and entertainment.

Adrian Cheok (Professor at Keio University, Tokyo) keynote will blow your minds by demonstrating how AR can go beyond the visual sense and leverage all our senses.

Can’t have a true AR event without “The Prophet of AR”; Bruce Sterling will come back this year to share his insights about the evolution of the AR industry, and have a fireside chat with special guest Daniel Suarez (best selling author of techno-thrillers Damon and Freedom) – about the far reaching opportunities with AR, and its looming dangers.

In addition to these fantastic keynotes, ARE 2012 will feature 30 hours of sessions across 3 tracks: Business, Production, and Technology – covering topics such as:

The AR Market and successful business models with Maarten Lens-FitzGerald (Layar) – on how to generate revenue with Augmented Reality, and  Matthew Szymczyk (Zugara) – about where we are in the AR Commerce Hype Cycle.

AR for Marketing and Branding- a panel moderated by Gene Becker showcasing best practices from leaders who implemented some of the most successful AR campaigns to date.

AR for eCommerce and Retail – including talks by Bruno Uzzan (CEO, Total Immersion)  and Andrea Carignano (CEO, seac02) about real revenue-making products in this market.

AR For Wellness with Adam Odessky (HelloDocPal) about current use of AR for healthcare, and HealthCare Alert – an app tracking health alerts in real time with augmented reality.

AR Games as always will be a big draw featuring speakers from the most successful AR games companies:  Brian Selzer (Ogmento), Josh Shabtai (Vertigore), and more.

AR and Crime – A riveting new session moderated by AR enthusiast and Law Enforcement officer Joseph Rampolla who put together a staggering panel: Kevin Manson (Cybercop Portal),  Edward Roche (Barraclough), Best selling author Daniel Suarez (Daemon), and Brian Wassom (Augmented Legality.)

AR For Cars – a session dedicated to the automotive industry led by Juliana Clegg from MVS California creator of the CableGuide HUD with participation from major car companies, and analysts in this space.

User Experiences in AR with one of the world’s top experts in AR user interfaces – Mark Billinghurst (HIT Labs NZ), and additional world experts in UX for AR.

As in every year, the leading players in AR Eyewear will be back to excite us about the prospects of AR in your field of view, and update us on how long we need to wait for it and what we can do to accelerate it.

For the techies, a hole track of sessions will drill into the state of the art in AR Technologies.

Mobile AR Technologies with Marc Gardeya (Dekko) which will talk about Hybrid Tracking, David Murphy (Nokia) – about Nokia’s Mirror world browser, Ben Blachnitzsky (Metaio) – about Object Tracking, Martin Lechner (Wikitude) about SDK for AR browsers, and Hafez Rouzati (Georgia Tech) about their standard-based Argon browser.

Christine Perey (Perey Consulting) will lead a panel discussing Interoperability and Open AR Content and experiences.

Dr. Thomas Alt, founder and CEO of metaio will discuss the process of building a delivery stack that ensures reliable, accessible AR from chipset platform to end-user.

And speaking of hardware for AR, Stephane Gervais-Ducouret (Freescale) will speak about efficient hardware for AR,  Mike Housholder (InvenSense) about motion interface for immersive mobile AR experiences, and Neil Trevett (VP at Nvidia and President of the Khronos Group) about emerging hardware for AR.

Steven Feiner, Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University, will share his experience in implementing AR for more than 20 years. If you go by Churchill’s old quote: “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see”, Professor Feiner is the most qualified to speak about the future of AR.

ARE will also feature a bunch of thought provoking talks about AR Game changers such as Amber Case (Geoloqi) and Brian Mullins‘ (CEO, Daqri): AR at the Center of the New Polis: Sociopolitical Impact & Opportunities.

This was just a sneak preview. Stay tuned for many more speakers and fascinating sessions about how to turn around your business – with Augmented Reality.




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