Jesse Schell’s closing keynote at the Augmented Reality Event (2-3 June, 2010 – Santa Clara California) was thought provoking, inspiring, entertaining, and made us all see augmented reality in new eyes… A must see for all augmented reality enthusiasts, as well as those who don’t get what’s all the excitement about.

Here are select quotes:
“The whole point of AR is to see things from a different point of view…How can there be a more powerful art form than one that actually changes what you see?”
“Augmented Reality will be one of the things that fundamentally define the 21st century”
“Doctor: My dear friend, only the gods see everything. X: My dear Dr., I  am closing in on the gods…”(From “The Man with the X-Ray Eyes” movie)
“You guys are going to put it together…and then everybody is going to be like, oh my god we are freaking naked, all this information about me is out there…I had security through obscurity, but not anymore…”
“The internet allowed us to think with shared memory…Augmented Reality will allow us to see with shared eyes.”

The Augmented Reality Event 2010 – Seeing – Keynote by Jesse Schell


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    […] Jesse Schell described the importance of AR in a nutshell in his keynote for are2010: […]

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    […] Jesse Schell described the importance of AR in a nutshell in his keynote for are2010: […]

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    I think this is a fantastic presentation (disclaimer i am a big fan of Jesse’s work). It encapsulates our desire to quickly add and assimilate information without completely understanding the implications. Whether game design, wildlife ecology or business processes, we are all racing to collect greater levels of information and data to differentiate ourselves allowing unprecedented insight. The question than becomes when will society be ready to accept this new “normal”

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