The Augmented Reality Event (ARE 2010) is the first global event dedicated to advancing the business of Augmented Reality, initiated by industry insiders. For Augmented Reality startups, investors, mobile companies, and developers as well as clients in entertainment, media, education, healthcare, government, tourism, etc.; this two-day event unites the industry in one Silicon Valley location. With more than 30 sessions on the business, technology, and production aspects of Augmented Reality, you’ll get answers to your most pressing questions, such as:

  • How do you evolve Augmented Reality into a productive, sustainable, and entertaining new medium?
  • What’s the current Augmented Reality market scope?  Where will the market be in five years?
  • What are the latest innovations, engines, and tools I need to grow my business?
  • How do I fund and build a successful Augmented Reality start up?
  • How can I leverage Augmented Reality to advance my brand and attract and keep my customers?
  • How do I build successful Augmented Reality campaigns and products that will delight my users?

Augmented Reality prophet Bruce Sterling will deliver the most anticipated Augmented Reality keynote of the year. The exhibition floor will showcase the leading Augmented Reality companies and products and will offer a career fair to help kick start the fledgling industry.  We have an open call for additional speakers, demos, roundtables, and exhibitors for the two-day conference.  We’re looking for speakers to address the industry’s most pressing development challenges.

“In its inaugural year, ARE will help advance the emerging industry to serve the global community through education and networking,” said Event Director Sean Lowery. “Having an experienced and passionate leadership of chairs being at the epicenter of the AR movement, we are thrilled to help kick start the industry in June with outstanding content focused on the latest innovations, the business models, and how to successfully bring augmented reality to the market.”


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    […] a bit of news, I am co-chairing the upcoming Augmented Reality Event (are2010) with Ori Inbar of Games Alfresco and Ogmento, whurley.  Sean Lowery, Prospera, is the event […]

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    I’m inquiring about possible open panel spots to discuss augmented reality at the ARE. I am the CEO of Prolific Interactive, a cutting edge new media agency specializing in all things digital.

    We have recently been working on our own augmented reality business cards in order to showcase our talent. We have just been also featured on a news broadcast found here…


    We are still early in the development stages however you can find a quick demo here:

    glyph – http://labs.prolificinteractive.com/Data/flarlogo-marker.pdf

    ar demo – http://labs.prolificinteractive.com/Earth7.html

    The demo has yet to be optimized so it might be a little slow catching up at the beginning but we should have a full working model within a month. The AR business car will involve the user going to our website and holding up the card to the camera which then triggers our team to walk out of a digital door and welcome the user to the site. After welcoming the user our portfolio is going to swing in and you will be able to flip through the projects using simple hand gestures.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My number is 203-213-2203.

    Hope to hear from you soon.



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    […] have also put out a call for speakers – that could mean […]

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    […] a bit of news, I am co-chairing the upcoming Augmented Reality Event (are2010) with Ori Inbar of Games Alfresco andOgmento, whurley.  Sean Lowery, Prospera, is the event […]

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