Track: Production
Date: Thursday, June 3
Time: 10:00am – 11:00am

Room: 209-210

Taking Hollywood Visual Effects spectacle out of the theatre and into your world
Kent Demain, oooii

Augmented Reality in Music Entertainment: Then and Now
Jarrell Pair, LP33.tv
In 2000, Jarrell Pair worked with the band Duran Duran to produce the first use of augmented reality technology in a live concert tour. Since that time he has continued to seek opportunities leveraging AR to meet the needs of the diverse and dynamic music industry. In this talk, he will describe his experiences using AR on tour in 2000, his current music related AR endeavors, and his thoughts on how AR can play a role in the new music business.

Augmenting Hollywood
Brad Foxhoven, Ogmento

Improved Reality
Julian Oliver
In this talk Oliver will position Augmented Reality within the broader (European) tradition of Optical Illusion Art, considering it an important evolution of phenomenological and cognitive design practices targeting the visual cortex as a site of both exhibition and reflexive critique. In continuation of this legacy Oliver will argue in favour of ‘Improved Reality’ or a more critical, applied augmentation in the context of everyday life.

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