Track: Technology
Date: Wednesday, June 2
Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Room: 203-204

Speakers Include:

Yelp Monocole – The first AR application on the iPhone App Store
Ben Newhouse, Yelp
In Summer of 2009, Yelp exploded onto the Augmented Reality scene with the release of Yelp Monocle, originally an easter egg in Yelp’s iPhone application. Ben Newhouse will tell the interesting story of how Yelp Monocle came about after a couple nights of hacking. Newhouse will give an overview of the technical challenges faced and how he solved them at Yelp. Finally, we will explore the state of computer vision on consumer devices and its future role in Augmented Reality.

Shaping the Future of AR – Ideas, Tools and Risks
Dana Farbo, Acrossair

Developing Junaio Social AR browser
Peter Meier, Metaio

What is TagWhat
Dave Elchoness, Iryss

Developing AR Layers
Claire Boonstra, Layar

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