Dan have lived the last 20 years mobile,like a road warrior. Started from software engineering, to manager , have his own startup, made mentorship for new startups, found a strong network of GDGs in Eastern Europe and Central Asia ( Skopje Macedonia, Sofia – Bulgaria, Timisoara & Brasov – Romania, Beograd – Serbia, Budapest – Hungary, Kiew, Moscow, Baku ). This year he started a new initiative to promote Eastern Europe and Central Asia together with the local GDGs – ecaHack a series of Hackathons in the region. With a focus on Augmented Reality and IOT he was speaker at the first edition of ARE, founded the first AR biz conference in Europe, founder of DroidCon the biggest Android series of conferences in the world.

Company: http://www.augmetedcitizen.org http://www.augmetedcitizen.org
Related Products: Quaitficati, Hawkly

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