Deborah Lemon is known for her Spanish language website drlemon.com that she created 14 years ago and is currently updating and expanding. She teaches Spanish and educational technology at Ohlone College, Social Media for the California @One project, and collaborates on projects with faculty at other institutions. She presents tp and trains educators on the role of social media in collective learning, and, in June, was sponsored by the National Science Foundation to speak at the Radical Innovation Summit in D.C. Her degrees include an MA (UCSB) in Spanish language & literature, BAs (NCSU, JMU) in Spanish, English, and NCATE secondary education 9-14. She also authored several distance education courses for UNC-CH, creating and recording the supporting CDs. Prior to working in education, Deborah worked in defense industry as a systems administrator, and also as a HR/PR representative. Additionally, she served as a liaison to the Mexican affiliates.
In 2001, she developed the first streaming audio online virtual language lab for Ohlone College, recognizing the value of cloud-based resources vs. using physical language labs, CD purchases and tedious downloads. Deborah had fully integrated Facebook by 2010 in her hybrid and face-to-face classes, and, had switched to Facebook as the platform for her online courses. In January 2013, Deborah began tiering online, hybrid and face-to-face students in the Facebook platform, incorporating a variety of social media applications, including AR to create robust project-based learning. In addition to her conference presentations, courses and webinars, Deborah offers workshops for instructors, and open resources for the education community in many social media forums. Her goal is to continue to open education into a flexible, relevant, community-based experience and create relevant learning environments.

Company: drlemon / Ohlone College http://www.drlemon.com
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