ARE 2012 Schedule in a Snapshot


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Detailed ARE 2012 Schedule


Day One – Tuesday May 8th, 2012


8:15- 9:00 am

ARE 2012 Press Conference

AR companies announce new products and services

9:00- 9:45 am

Keynote: Augmented Reality For Real Engagement

How mainstream corporations are using AR to drive customer engagement in consumer packaged goods, as well as education and entertainment.

Mark Silva (SVP Emerging Platforms, Anthem Worldwide)

Miles Ludwig (VP Digital Media, Sesame Workshop)


10:00- 11:00 am

AR Market: Today and Tomorrow

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald (Layar) – Where the Money is

Matthew Szymczyk (Zugara) – The AR Commerce Hype Cycle

Bruno Uzzan (CEO, Total Immersion) –  ROI in AR Campaigns


Introduction to VuforiaTM (Sponsored Session)

Roy Ashok (Senior Manager Business Development, Qualcomm) – Introduction to VuforiaTM App Development


AR Games

Brian Selzer (President, Ogmento)

Tish Shute (SFC) – Augmented Awareness and Reality Games

Richard Wetzel (Fraunhofer)


11:30- 12:30 pm

AR and Crime

Panel with Captain Joseph Rampolla about the AR Challenges in Civil & Criminal Justice System.

With participation by:

Special Agent David Griesbach (IRS)

Kevin Manson (Cybercop Portal)

Edward Roche (Barraclough)

Daniel Suarez (author of “Daemon”)

Brian Wassom (Augmented Legality)


AR Technologies – State of the Art

Jason Wither (Nokia) – Mirror Worlds and Mixed Realities

Marc Gardeya (Dekko) – Hybrid Tracking Mobile AR

Ben Blachnitzky (Metaio) – Object Tracking in 3D


AR in Marketing and Advertising

Panel with Gene Becker – Epic Win: Case Studies in AR Marketing

Lisa Murphy (Metaio) – Toyota Corolla / Hatsune Miku case study

Justin Farris (GravityJack)

Scott Wellwood (VP, Total Immersion)


1:30- 2:30 pm 

AR For Cars

Juliana Clegg (MVS) – cancelled

Victor Ng-Thow-Hing (Honda)

Julianne Fox (Decision Speed)


Augmented Reality Mobile Platforms

Martin Lechner (Wikitude) – Developing with the Wikitude ARchitect

Hafez Rouzati (Argon – Georgia Tech)

Jason Mitura (Viewdle) – Unlocking the Power of Consumer Computer Vision


Unlocking Content with AR

Christine Perey (Perey Consulting) – 3D in AR production and delivery

Jacob Ervin (metaio) – AR for non programmers

Bruno Uzzan (CEO, Total Immersion)


3:00- 4:00 pm 

AR for Brand Engagement

Ambarish Mitra (CEO, Blippar) – Mobile Apps to Drive Consumer Engagement

Suresh Narasimha (CEO, TELiBrahma) – Mobile AR’s best practices

Scott O’Brien (CMO, Explore Engage)


AR, Big Data and Enabling technology

Jim Kovach (CrowedOptic) – Real-time crowd analytics

Chris Arkenberg (Cagefree Consulting) – Interface with the Living City

Lyndon Nixon (Head of Research, STI) SmartReality: enriching reality with the Web


Amir Baradaran

BC “Heavy” Biermann

Jason Wilson


4:10- 5:10 pm

AR for eCommerce and Retail

Marie Geffroy (Marketing/Communications, Total Immersion) – Virtual Fitting Room – how AR is shaping the future of e-commerce

Andrea Carignano (CEO, seac02) – Beauty Salon

Matthew Szymczyk (CEO, Zugara) – Metric and stats from AR e-commerce campaigns


Emerging Hardware for AR

Mike Housholder, (CTO, InvenSense) – Motion Interface for Mobile AR Experience

Jon Epstein (President, Omek Interactive) – Gesture+AR=Opportunity Now

Neil Trevett (President, Khronos)


AR for Learning and Entertainment

Session moderated by the Edutainment pioneer: Lauren Elliott (SFC)

Miles Ludwig, Mindy Brooks (Sesame Workshop) – AR in Educational Children’s Media

Cameroon Browning (AMNH) – AR In the American Museum of Natural History

Justin Farris (Gravity Jack) –  AR Will Toy With Your Kids

5:10-6:30 pm

Reception, Food, Drinks and ARt Gala

Art works and live performances by artists

KUBIKULO, Nuno Serrão, The Heavy Projects, Amir Baradaran, Jason Wilson,  Mark Skwarek and 30 of the worlds best AR artists


6:30-8:30 pm

“The Auggies” – Best Demo Award

Teams compete for the coolest 4 minute AR demo. Judges comment on performances and the audience picks the winners.

Metaio, Sony Computer Entertainment, Stupid Fun Club, KUBIKULO, Augaroo, AugmenteDev, Dekko, BuildAR 2.0, Freescale, Ogmento, Vertigore,  Teletouch.

See more details



Day Two – Wednesday May 9th, 2012


9:00- 10:00 am


Augmented Reality For All Senses: Adrian Cheok

Augmented Future: Amber CaseStephen WilleyLuke Robert MasonSophia Parafina, Ori Inbar


10:20- 11:00 am

Build your AR Startup

Matt Miesnieks (CEO, Dekko) – Raising money for AR startups
Brian Wassom (Augmented Legality) – AR & the Law: What’s Around the Corner?


AR for Wellness

Adam Odessky (DocPal) – AR for Health Communications
Dr. Alfonso Jimenez (HealthCare Alert) – Identify Health Threats Near You


Experiential AR

Christopher Stapleton (Simiosys) – Applied Research Experiential Media Firm – Phydgital InterSpaces redefining Spatial Augmented Reality interfaces for Social Interaction

Bob Ketner (The Tech Museum) – Ubiquitous: A Platform for AR Experiences


11:30- 12:30 pm

Startup Launch Pad

AR Startups pitch and compete for Best ARE Startup award: BuildAR, AugmenteDev, Catchoom, 3R, Augaroo

Judges: Di Ann Eisnor (Waze), David Blumberg (Blumberg Capital), Jay Wright (Qualcomm), Sunil Nagaraj (Bessemer Ventures)

See more details…


Interoperability and Open AR

Topic introduced and panel moderated by Christine Perey with:

Avi Bar Zeev (Microsoft)

Martin Lechner (Wikitude)

Neil Trevett (President, Khronos)


User Experience in AR

Silka Miesnieks (Dekko) – Understanding the end user Experience

Mark Billinghurst (HIT Labs NZ)  – Building Usable AR Interfaces

Ben Cerveny (Bloom)-  Ambient Discovery


1:30- 2:30 pm

AR Eyewear

AR Eyewear manufacturers present the latest and greatest:

Ron Haidenger (Vuzix)

Stephen Willey (CEO, Innovega)

Kayvan Mirza (CEO, Optinvent)


Optimizing the AR Experience

Thomas Alt (CEO, Metaio) – Accelerated Reality: Optimizing AR

Tomasz Adamek (CTO, Catchoom) –  Cloud-friendly visual recognition

Stephane Gervais-Ducouret (Freescale) –  AR, VR and Efficient Hardware


AR For Tourism and Navigation

Jordan Wollman (Aria) – A tour guide in the palm of your hand

Chuck Benton (Smart Chart AIS) – AR for Recreational Boating

Gaia Dempsey(Daqri) – Designing for Serendipity: Discovery and Personalization in AR


3:00- 4:00 pm

Game Changers in AR

Brian Mullins (Daqri) – What’s Next in Augmented Reality: 7 Emerging Trends That Will Change the Game

Aaron Parecki (Geoloqi)

Baraa Ali – Will AR save print publishing?


Future of AR

Prof. Steven Feiner (Columbia University) – Over and Out: Thoughts about the Future

Jeffrey Powers (Occipital) – Retinal overlays: Should we even bother?

Anselm Hook (Dekko) – Seeing value with Augmented Reality


AR Game Experiences

Josh Shabtai (Vertigore) – cancelled

Tsutomu Horikawa (Sony Computer Entertainment)

Oriel Bergig (Ogmento)


4:15- 5:00 pm

Grand Finale and Event Wrap up

Fireside chat with Daniel Suarez (best selling author of “Daemon”) and Bruce Sterling (“The AR Prophet”)

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