The Augmented World Expo (AWE 2014) Wearables Hackathon produced by Augmate, is coming to Santa Clara Convention Center Memorial Day Weekend: Monday, May 26th and Tuesday, May 27th. Teams from around the world are invited to come together and hack away on some of today’s latest Wearable devices. At 3pm on the second day (May 27th), judges will review the teams’ hacks and choose the winners. 10 teams will be chosen to present in front of the group, and there will be prizes (spoiler alert: digital eyewear!) The top Hack will be presented an Auggie Award at the AWE conference on May 28th at 7pm. Teams who complete their hacks at the Hackathon will receive an additional 70% discount off of the conference, as well as an opportunity to exhibit their creations in the Startup Alley at the AWE Expo. The Hackathon is open for all at no cost. Please register to sign up for the hackathon and receive more information. Here’s a list of proposed hardware and software providers for the wearable hackathon: Google (Glass), Arqetype, Vuzix, Epson, Wikitude, Metaio, Catchoom, Meta, Softkinetic, ARPA Solutions, Leap Motion, Digital Ocean, OnTheGo Platforms, and more.

To see more info and sign up go to our AWE Wearable Hacks page.

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