Founded in 1996, eMagin dedicated themselves to delivering high-quality, high-resolution video and data information in virtually any environment. As Organic LED technology came into existence, eMagin saw an opportunity to develop cutting-edge displays in head-worn systems for military, law enforcement, medical, entertainment and other applications.

With headquarters located in Bellevue WA and manufacturing co-located at IBM’s facility in Fishkill, NY, eMagin entered the market with their first products in 2001. Product offerings included the first OLED microdisplays, near-eye optical projection systems and related video conversion and management hardware, firmware and software. To date, all eMagin products are manufactured in the USA.

eMagin currently has a three-prong development and sales strategy, offering turn-key systems to OEM/ODM customers, Interface & Development Reference Kits, displays and optical components to product developers and the Z800 3DVisor system to training/simulation and gaming & entertainment consumers. Markets currently served include military, medical, law enforcement, remote presence, industrial, computer interface, gaming and entertainment.

eMagin has secured a number of patents for OLED microdisplay technologies, optical systems and head-worn display technologies.