Dekko was founded on the belief that society is entering an amazing transition in how we experience our technology. Smartphones and Tablets have ushered in the first taste of a “Post-PC” world, where our ability to connect to each other and to our favorite online services is mobile. We are beginning to experience entertainment, contextual information & personal interactions through natural interfaces that are not just “tiny screened PCs”. Multi-sensor devices and The Internet of Things will provide the hardware foundation for true mobile operating systems. We are moving away from intermediated interfaces driven by keyboards and mice towards more natural and direct touch and voice interactions. Our most engaging sense, vision, will also experience a new natural interface, as content is placed in the world, in a truly believable manner.

Dekko is working to let us see our content in the world, through a screen, not just on the screen. This will initially be via smartphones & tablets but will eventually expand to eyewear and other systems.

We believe that the natural visual experiences this enables will delight and amaze us, and ideas we had only imagined will now be visible.

We understand that our technology doesn’t benefit all types of interactions. We know that even iPhones still have keyboards alongside Siri. But importantly, we understand that we are standing only on the threshold of this new world, and that todays Post-PC experiences and interactions will continue to improve for many many years. What most excites us is that it is today, for the first time, that we have the mobile hardware available to support the software Dekko is building.

Our core values are centered entirely around great user experiences, enabled by deep technical competence. We develop our technology to support the desired use-case, rather than trying to find a use for what we can develop.

Our SDK  is available now from http://developer.dekko.co. You can find a playable demo of a fun app built on the SDK here on iTunes for iPad 2 & 3.