Augment, a startup based in Paris, bets on Augmented Reality for e-commerce and sales.
The app, available for free on iPad, iPhone and Android, lets you visualize any product in
Augmented Reality, in your real environment, through your smartphone or tablet camera.
Imagine. You are purchasing furniture on a website. On the product page, you click on the
“Try at home” button, provided by Augment. The app is launched automatically, and there
the couch is, in your living room, in 3D and in real size. You can discover it from all angles
and check how it fits in your interior before buying.
Augment brings down a strong barrier to entry for users.
For e-merchants, Augment can significantly boost the conversion rate. The Augment
button can be embedded in a few minutes in any website and app. Opportunities are
unlimited, and the subscription-based business model makes Augmented Reality
affordable for all wallets.
Augment is also a product presentation tool for salespeople on the field. Augment gears
up companies in display & packaging, product design, booth design, architecture, so their
salesmen can show their 3D model catalogue in life size and in situation. It helps them
close deals faster. Watch this video to see how Augment is used by salespeople.
The app has been downloaded over 150,000 times all over the world.