Launched in 2009, buildAR was the world’s first AR Content Management System (AR-CMS). The first version launched as a test to see if people were interested in being able to create their own augmented experiences. It turned out you were! So then we got busy developing a production version and officially launched the new and improved buildAR at the Augmented Reality Event in Silicon Valley in May 2011.

Since then thousands of people from all over the world have created AR content using buildAR’s easy to use interface. Now buildAR has been adopted by people throughout the education and training, advertising, arts & culture, entertainment and government sectors.

The latest major release of buildAR (version 3) was launched in November 2012 and once again set a new standard for AR content creation platforms. Full integration with the web, simplified editing, 3D in a web browser previews and more control over animation and interactions puts buildAR in a category of it’s own.

buildAR has partnered with Metaio and now fully supports the Junaio and Metaio SDK platforms for native AR applications.

buildAR are also proud to have partnered with Catchoom to integrate fast and powerful visual search into all of our AR applications.

Now that this major new release of buildAR has been rolled-out you can expect an aggressive road map for 2013 with a whole new set of options that makes creating AR simpler and more unreal.

But what we’re looking forward to seeing now is…what will you build?