Infinity Augmented Reality Inc. (Infinity AR) are the pioneers and developers of proprietary Augmented Reality Software with its main office based in New York, USA.

Infinity’s Augmented Reality Software enables viewing of the Real World, overlayed with Digital Images, Sound, Video and Information as is accessible using a screen, smartphone, tablet, digital eyewear and other hardware.

The Infinity AR Software digitally recognizes and overlays screen content using Internet Services such as:

Location Recognition, Facial Recognition, Voice Recognition, Phone & Data Communication and Sound and more, and all these are all directly displayed to the end user in Real Time.

Infinity AR’s Software also integrates with Augmented Reality Hardware, such as Digital Glasses, to provide a seamless connection and use of Internet Services without the need for a PC or Smartphone.

The Infinity AR Platform is the only platform of its kind to provide a full AR suite and fully integrate across all platforms.