Nomination for Auggie Award: Best AR for Enterprise


Creator: Jon Fisher

Organization: CrowdOptic



CrowdOptic is crowd-powered Augmented Reality — a leap forward from first-generation static AR, our technology creates dynamic, composite AR images generated by thousands of people in crowds in real time.

CrowdOptic’s technology is used to enable a range of consumer-focused applications for sports, media, and entertainment—from real-time crowd engagement mobile AR apps, to second screen broadcast companion apps, to augmented reality apps for next-generation smart glasses. CrowdOptic mobile applications include:
ü Aim-To-Discover (Identification)
ü Aim-For-Info (Content)
ü Aim-To-Share (Instant Social)
ü Aim-To-Report (Media/Security)
ü Aim-To-Engage (Brands/Promotional)

CrowdOptic analyzes data from a wide range of sources— including consumer smartphones, crowd social media, surveillance cameras and emerging
technologies like smart glasses—to create clusters of data and individual users organized by their shared focus. CrowdOptic senses where mobile phones in a crowd are pointed, where sightlines intersect between multiple users and where momentum and “heat” in crowds is shifting. This analysis happens in real time and can be used
to engage fans in a live crowd through brand activation; it can also be applied after the fact to analyze crowdsourced content historically for use by the broadcasting and security industry. More information is available at www.crowdoptic.com.

Where to find it:

App Store


Mobile, Glasses, Location Technologies

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