Nomination for Auggie Award: Best AR for Enterprise


Creator: MR Direct Sinks & Faucets

Organization: MR Direct Sinks & Faucets



Bringing together reality and real-time rendered objects, augmented reality is changing the way we use technology. MR Direct has harnessed this technology to create a game-changing application that can be used by customers and professionals alike. For business, the MR Direct AR app will be custom-tuned to each countertop or construction company who uses it. This will allow customers to view products in their own home to gain a better perspective on what they are purchasing. It is an effective tool that has been developed to help effortlessly sell products.

It is not just available to industry professionals, though. Since the app will be available on the iTunes store, anyone is free to download. MR Direct’s vast collection of kitchen and bathroom sinks will be available for consumers to chose from. They are able to scroll through organized options according to sink material, size, type, color, etc. to find the perfect match for their home. From there, they are able to choose a different countertop material, edging and color to gain a better understanding of what their kitchen or bathroom could become.

This application can change the traditions of residential and commercial construction and provide a beneficial resource to all users.

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