Nomination for Auggie Award: Best Mobile AR App


Creator: David Pentz

Organization: Anomaly Productions



Anomaly Ultimate Augmented Reality (UAR) is the largest AR app ever created with over 50 unique individual AR items. Anomaly UAR allow readers of the Anomaly graphic novel to experience the rich back story of characters and places that just wasn’t possible to fit in the printed book. Pointing the camera at any of the listed pages, the user can see an animated 3D version of a character, item or place. And then tapping on the arrow button the reader has to the option to read hundreds of additional pages of text with additional art. With updates to the UAR app every few months, this is the first graphic novel that grows after publication!

Notable AR items:
– 27 fully animated characters and creatures that respond to touch
– Voice activated character response. Yell at the Nolac monster, and he yells back!
– A full mini game is included. Drive the hovercraft through the pylons to see if you can pass the simulation.
– Three amazing panoramas. Drag your finger to look all around.
– Behind the scenes look at pages. With voice narration and art, Brian Haberlin talks you through the step by step creation of various pages.

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