Nomination for Auggie Award: Best Mobile AR App


Creator: Swamy Irrinki

Organization: RightSlope, Inc



Concept Description:
TryPaint AR App allows users to visualize and virtually try-out different paint colors before getting a wall/room painted. An innovative scaling feature built into the App allows users to expand the virtual color in horizontal direction or vertical direction, or both horizontal & vertical direction giving users the ability to see how the color looks along the actual wall dimension and for different form factor walls in a building. Our strategy was to develop a user friendly mobile AR app for home owners, paint contractors, interior designers, architects and for paint retailer sales teams to virtually visualize the color without actually doing sample paint. Qualcomm Vuforia technology is used to develop this App.
Background rationale for App Development
Many AR Apps focus on the “wow factor”, which fades away after few days. This is one of the main reason why many Augmented Reality Apps have not seen success in the market place. We are focused on developing mobile AR Apps which provide more efficient solutions than current methods and significantly improving the ROI.
TryPaint AR app provides practical solutions using Mobile Augmented Reality Technology. Today, paint selection is a very tedious process, and it is very difficult to visualize the paint color unless you actually paint some portion of the wall, yet it is still tough to visualize the whole wall. In addition, this process is expensive, time consuming and very cumbersome. There are online tools and apps available where one can see the colors of pre- defined standard room designs, but this is not same as actually seeing in one’s own room/wall in their own house or office.

Value Proposition & Differentiation

1 Innovative, as we combined Augmented Reality capability with scaling feature, allowing users to expand the virtual color in horizontal direction or vertical direction or both horizontal & vertical direction; giving user the ability to see how the color looks along the actual wall dimension and on different form factor walls in a building.
2 Imaginative, as we are applying very complex technology, such as: augmented reality to solve a very practical problem that all consumers all over the world can use right from their smart phones or tablets.
3 Unique, as our App provides the visualization of texture walls which look lot more lively and real than current alternate methods.
App Use Cases:

1 Consumers: Consumer can visualize the paint color of the wall they are about to paint before actually painting. No messy sample paints or re-do’s of the paint. This saves time and money.
2 Paint Contractors: Goal of the contractor is to complete the color selection that the client prefers as quickly as possible, rather than spending lot of hours in the selection process. This App allows contractors to work with clients to select the paint colors that clients actually like, leading to satisfied customer and more referral business for the contractor.
3 Interior Designers/Architects: Goal of the Interior Designer/Contractor is to complete the color selection that the client prefers as a part of overall interior design. This App allows, designer/architect to work with client to select the paint colors client actually likes leading to satisfied customer and more referral business for Interior Designer/Architect.
4 Paint Manufacturers: We plan to develop the custom Apps for each paint manufacturer with their own branded color options. A branded “TryPaint AR” App from a paint manufacturer will enable building of brand loyalty and satisfied customer. With this APP, paint retailers can lower the investments in demo centers. This App will also improve the productivity of sales reps when helping customers on paint/texture selection.
App ROI:
Some of the branded paint retailers sell 8 oz. containers of sample color for $6.95 + S/H. Some brands offer 3800 sample colors as try-out samples. TryPaint AR app currently has 90 colors(will add more in future versions) for virtual try-out If some users try-out 10 colors and some want to try out all 90 colors via traditional method of sample paint purchase it will cost $80 (10* 6.95+ $10.50 for S/H) or $650 (90 * $6.95 + $24.50 for S/H). ROI for 10 sample case is 80%; ROI for 90 sample case is 650%. In addition to cost savings, this App provides significant savings in time for not doing sample paint work.
Company Description:
Right Slope is a start up in San Jose, CA, USA with a development center in Hyderabad, India focused on developing Mobile Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone/iPad/Android and related Digital Marketing Solutions.

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Additional Screenshots:

Your wall with current paint
Your wall from TryPaint AR


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