Nomination for Auggie Award: Best Mobile AR App


Creator: Andreas Zeitler

Organization: doPanic GmbH / Magisty AB



VuFrame is not one single AR App or another SDK or AR Browser. It’s a sensible fusion of latest technologies / tools and of high quality user experience / app design.
We combine different Augmented Reality Techniques (“on table” virtual scale models – “on site” virtual 1:1 models) and Virtual Reality features (“the view”: panorama images captured by a drone).
All of those features are welded into apps that are individually designed for every client, respecting their corporate identity and matching their tone of communication. Thus giving them a unique tool with unique benefits for their business.
At the same time we are not selling “AR” as a buzzword; we are not trying to develop an “AR-App”. We develop Apps. Period. We combine traditional app features with AR where it makes sense for the client and the user. All our apps feature high quality 3d graphics using latest game development middleware and have fallbacks for older devices. If your device does not have a camera or you don’t have a marker ready you can just explore the 3d models using gestures or the immersive virtual reality feature.
Augmented Reality is a great technology but at the end of the day it’s only a tool which has to be combined with other tools to create something that has benefits for the client, the user and furthers the spread of AR as a technology.
It’s not about the technology, it’s about the experience and the vision of using latest technology for your business. We help our clients such as Wihlborgs, SKANSKA and other construction / real estate companies to realize that vision in their own way by using AR – not by glorifying it. And they thank us for it.


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