Nomination for Auggie Award: Best AR Hardware


Creator: Rob Wang, Chris Twigg, Kenrick Kin

Organization: 3Gear Systems



We’re three guys who believe that the future of human computer interaction isn’t a better mouse or a bigger touchscreen. We’re developing software and hardware that lets you use all ten of your fingers and both of your hands to interact with a computer like you interact with the real world.

Our first product is a lamp that understands your gestures. Set it up on your desk like you would any other lamp, and it turns the space beneath it interactive. Grab virtual objects in 3D, spin them around, or pull the trigger in your favorite first person shooter.

Our interactions are more ergonomic and more efficient than other gestural interfaces. Start interacting by lifting up your hand just a couple centimeters, with your arms still comfortably resting on the desk. Select objects or issue commands simply by pinching or grabbing. Use our device all day, with millimeter precision and without the gorilla arm.

Nobody wants to explore their augmented reality with a keyboard and a mouse. We’ve built a powerful and comfortable new way to interact with computers. All you need to do is to put our lamp on your desk.

Augmented reality screen shot credit: Keytree UK

Where to find it:

http://threegear.com/getStarted.html and we’ll bring one to AWE2013


Gesture Device

Additional Screenshots:


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