Nomination for Auggie Award: Best AR Hardware


Creator: Francesco Giartosio

Organization: GlassUp

Public Voting Starts on May 16th.


GlassUp AR eyeglasses show messages to the user, such as:

• Emails, text messages,

• Facebook status updates, tweets, RSS

• Stock market values, breaking news

• Calendar events

• The words of their friends to the deaf

• Driving directions to the riders

• City tour information to the travelers

• Painting captions in the museums

• Subtitles of movies or at theaters

• Flight data to airplane modelists

• Street signs and menus translations in Beijing

• The Linkedin profile of your meet up

• Patient’s heartbeats to the surgeon

• Mileage and speed to a sportsman

• Performance in reality games

• Domotics data at need

• Personalized versions for companies to manage their warehouses, maintenance, transportation (we already have customers waiting and fussing)

In short, we’re a simplified version of Google Glass, on sale sooner at half the cost.

Where to find it:

You can try them at AWE, or wait the autumn to buy them



Additional Screenshots:

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