Nomination for Auggie Award: Best AR Hardware


Creator: Joris van Tubergen and Sander Veenhof

Organization: Rooie Joris & SNDRV



Will hardware or software innovations lead the way in the near future? Will augmented reality or 3D printing be having the most radical impact on the world of tomorrow by bringing DIY opportunities within the hands of everyone? Want something? Make it! If not “for real”, then virtual (Although that diffference will not be understood nor be relevant to future generations)

If it’s up to Joris van Tubergen and Sander Veenhof, mixing these two techniques will be the most suitable approach for the semi-digital reality ahead of us. Combining the best of both worlds: living amongst tangible items with personalised manifestations because of their optional customizable virtual components. A reality shaped according to individual needs, ideas, wishes or moods.

The Ultim-ar-ker project is an exploration of that hybrid future by augmenting an Ultimaker 3D-printer with a preview function of the model being printed. Besides being a showcase of a reality in which material and data merge, the ultimarker has a practical use too during the “1 euro per minute” printing sessions Joris van Tubergen is doing at public events. AR adds more liveliness to the otherwise lengthy printing process. Furthermore, additional real-time info about the printing progress is shown on an expandable augmented make-over of the cryptic quartz display of the Ultimaker printer.

The set-up is based on a default Ultimaker with a paper marker attached on the front-side, to be downloaded from the webpage. While 3D printing thingiverse object nr 87078, open the “Ultimarker” channel within the Junaio app to experience this innovation on the cross-section of hardware and software.


Where to find it:

If you have an Ultimaker, the webpage provides instructions on which Junaio channel to open to view it


Stationary Device

Additional Screenshots:

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