Nomination for Auggie Award: Best AR Hardware


Creator: Anders Nelson

Organization: Erogear



We have been working to solve a problem endemic to all wearable electronics – how to create something that is easy to integrate with wearable items and live with yet gives us the special functionality we want. In our case, we wanted to change our outward presentation in the real world at will. People all over the world have been visually augmenting themselves through smart clothing and accessories that act as extensions of their emotion, activity and style as they move through life. While wonderful in their effectiveness, these implementations have fallen short of being widely available, affordable and durable. Erogear’s mission is to bridge the gap that separates this medium for expression and the millions of people who can put it to good (and even life-saving) use.

Erogear’s new RG5 platform consists of both a hardware and software element. The hardware is an extremely thin and flexible LED display encased in fabric, capable of receiving real-time, full greyscale graphic streams wirelessly. The software is a code library that provides video processing, networked device management and a simple but flexible API. Any imagery an application can create can be sent to the RG5 panels instantly and jitter-free.

The system was designed from the ground up to be as low-cost as possible, and we can confidently offer it at a cost comparable to mid-range fashion/athletic accessories. This fact allows for new paradigms in fashion, event participation, human connection, athletics, cycling safety and myriad other applications to be experimented with now, not ten years from now.

We hope you’ll consider us for the Auggie Award and are extremely excited to be part of this group!

Where to find it:

Our Android API and demo software can be obtained by contacting us.


Mobile, Internet of Things, Location Technologies

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  1. Alice Schoessow
    March 20, 2014, 2:17 pm   /  Reply

    Are you selling the belts at the AWE 2014 I want one please my email is mischiefmanaged_2@hotmail.com can you let me know how to get one and if you can change what it says who hoo I need one!!!

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