Nomination for Auggie Award: Best AR Video


Creator: Sander Veenhof

Organization: SNDRV



For over a year, Google Glass concept videos have helped us imagine how our exciting life will get even more exciting with non-stop appearances of context-aware additions enriching all our day-to-day activities.

But with 24/7 always-on augmented reality, one Google Glass concept-video was still missing: the screensaver moment! For those occasions when you’re not skydiving, not sharing pictures of your dogs nor being called by Steve.

The concept video is a creation by Sander Veenhof, a one person research lab from The Netherlands, creating purposeless AR for a purpose, exploring alternative technology usage in a probable future. With his projects, Veenhof aims to add another perspective to the discussion about hypes and technology, but not by just taking an anti-approach.

Where to find it:

Once Europeans are no longer excluded from developing for Glass, the screensaver is on top of the SNDRV to-do list!



Additional Screenshots:


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