Jay Iorio is the Innovation Director and futurist for the IEEE Standards Association. His primary interest is synthetic and mixed realities — virtual worlds, virtual reality, augmented reality, and the merging of these and related technologies into new forms – and how AR, IoT, VR, and wearables are really elements of a larger social and technology phenomenon.
Jay has written on gamification as an organizing methodology for a variety of new experiences, the built environment as a key piece of the future computing landscape, and the convergence of art and technology. He was an early advocate of SGML/XML and content management as a new model for publishing in a future world of liquid, heterogeneous content.
Jay has spoken at SXSW, MIT, Confluence 2013, USC, the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds, and elsewhere on the topics of augmented reality, virtual environments, technology convergence, and the future of the arts in this new technology landscape. He is an advocate for including artists, filmmakers, urban planners, architects, and game developers early in the technical development of AR, VR, and the entire coming new wave of illusion-based experiences for entertainment, education, business, and categories that do not yet exist.
Jay has done extensive work in virtual worlds. He built and manages the IEEE Island complex in Second Life and is an Oculus Rift developer working on transforming such environments into fully immersive VR experiences. He is also a machinimatographer, the creator of the now-departed Etherfilm studio complex in Second Life, a performing musician, and a record producer.
Much of Jay’s work today involves building a cross-disciplinary community — comprising engineers, artists, game developers, writers, social scientists, architects, and futurists — who together could help define the technical and cultural interoperabilities needed to fulfill the vast promise of this new wave of computer-generated illusion.
Jay is based in Los Angeles

Company: IEEE http://standards.ieee.org/
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