Tish has an extensive career in design and technology, working on projects as diverse as developing real time systems for cinema, theme parks and aerospace, to creating to internet scale social augmented experiences. Currently, Tish works with Will Wright as a Product Designer on the founding team of Syntertainment. Tish is co-founder of Augmented World Expo (formerly Augmented Reality Event) and AugmentedReality.org. She has played a leading role in the emergence of augmented reality into consumer markets and is co-founder of ARWave, an open source mobile social interaction platform for sharing geolocated data and augmented reality content, and founder of the blog Ugotrade. Tish has an MFA, Hunter College, NY, and a Ph.D (ABD) in Anthropology, from New York University. Her recent speaking engagements include SXSW, Design Week SF, TEDxSiliconAlley, Where, Games for Health, and more. Among her recent publications are articles for O’Reilly Media, Interactions Magazine, and OWNI.

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