Augmented Reality in Healthcare Report

  • Publication date: June 2013
  • Report size: 55 pages
  • Report price: $ 995


Augmented reality (AR) has gained a lot of attention for its potential use in many industry verticals including manufacturing, public safety, education, advertising, and entertainment.

With the commercialization of high speed data network such as the Fourth Generation (4G) cellular networks via Long Term Evolution (LTE), the use of AR applications in healthcare represents a particularly compelling value proposition for cost reduction and of course saving lives. Many AR applications in healthcare provide the benefit of visualizing three dimensional data captured from non-invasive sensors. Applications range from remote 3D image analysis to advanced telesurgery.

This report provides analysis of the current status of AR applications and future opportunities in the healthcare sector.

The report includes case studies of AR in healthcare.

Target Audience: 

• Healthcare organizations
• Mobile application developers
• Wireless infrastructure suppliers
• OTT application and service providers
• Wireless carriers and other service providers
• Augmented Reality (AR) application developers


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