Augmented Reality has leaped beyond the gimmicky stage and is well into its productive stage. Augmented World Expo 2013 featured exhibits and talks that demonstrate how AR is solving real business problems, and how large corporations are investing in these solutions to improve their businesses and delight customers. AR is Ready for business!

Here is a collection of 36 AWE 2013 talks and demos in the business track across 10 verticals:

1) Retail & Commerce

2) Automotive & Tourism

3) Print, Media & Entertainment

4) Enterprise & Industrial

5) Military & Government

6) Urban & Architecture

7) Education & Learning

8) Training & Maintenance

9) Health & Recreation

10) Branding & Marketing

1) Retail and Commerce

Matt Szymczyk, CEO, Zugara


Bruno Uzzan, CEO, Total Immersion


Andrew Couch, CEO, CandyLab


Scott Jochim, Popar Toys

2) Automotive and Tourism

Victor Ng Thow Hing, Honda Research (Automotive)

Jana Rodic, LiveViewStudio (Tourism)


Andrea Carignano, CEO at Seac02 (Tourism)

3) Print, Media and Entertainment

Chris Grayson, Telepathy (Media)


Ricky Bacon, VP R&D at Noise (Entertainment)


Chris Collins, FMI Games (Entertainment)

4) Enterprise and Indutrial

Gabriel Weiss, Mitsubishi Electric


Gerben Harmsen, GM, TWNKLS


Aiaz Kazi, SVP, SAP


Nic Doodson & Will Powell, Keytree

5) Military and Government

Tom Soderstrom, IT CTO, NASA JPL

Paul Sells, Newport News Shipbuilding

6) Urban and Architecture

Dave Lorenzini, CubeCities


BC Biermann, The Heavy Project


Susan Brazer, Lionshare


Demo with Markus Meixner, ViewAR

7) Education and Learning

Miles Ludwig (MD Content Innovation Lab at Sesame Workshop) and Mindy Brooks (Director at Sesame Workshop)


Christopher Stapleton, Simiosys


Jay Van Buren, Early-Adopter

8) Training and Maintenance

Steven Feiner, Professor at Columbia University


Naomi Kawase, Ngrain


Jim Dailey, Digital Delta Design

Alejandro Vazquez, Seabery

Demo of Augmented Reality Training with Basilio Marquinez, Seabery Soluciones

Demo with Mauro Rubin & Paolo Invernizzi, JoinPad SRL

9) Health and Recreation

Kevin Hughes, ARPool Queens University

Demo of AR Pool with Kevin Hughes, Queen’s University

Patricio Barreiro, Innovar Group


Gaia Dempsey, Co-founder and Director of Marketing & PR at daqri

10) Branding and Advertising

Ambarish Mitra, CEO, Blippar


Brian Selzer, President, Ogmento


Nathan Kroll & Jonathan Burns, Ad-Dispatch

Track logo Business room 203-204

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